Providenciales, 12 Dec 2014 – Row broke out over the relevance of some of the contribution of the Hon Clarence Selver when it came time for the Budget Supplementary bill; which is seeking to get additional monies to run the country this fiscal year.

Hon. Clarence Selver: “You have to basically make supplementary appropriations for just about every department and every head and that Mr. Speaker brings us here to this House where we have to spend time going over some of these things.”

Hon. Selver said the government cannot be trusted and is unable to allocate properly for a smooth spending year… Hon Washington Misick, the Minister of Finance demanded that the PDMs appointed member stick to the point.
Hon. Washington Misick: “He needs to stick to the point on this bill; and stop rambling about history it’s time for him to get over the fact that he is stale news; you know, it’s time for him to get over the fact that his shelf life is up.”

House Speaker Hon. Robert Hall: “Honourable Member, Honourable Minister I would wish for you to withdraw that statement, no, no, no, listen please; I consider it offensive.”

After that outburst, he was asked to withdraw his comment; he did.

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