Ministry of Education Prepares for 18th Annual National Academic Awards Ceremony Friday, December 12th 2014

Providenciales, 08 Dec 2014 – On October 28th 2014, the National Academic Awards Council on External Examinations accepted the recommendation of the Sub-Committee for the list of awardees that will be recognized at the 18th Annual National Academic Awards Ceremony. The Ministry accepts the recommendation of this committee and congratulates all the students on a job well done.

The basic criteria guiding their selection is that each student had to pass Mathematics and English A as a part of a minimum of five (5) subjects passed over four external examination sittings; two in fourth form and two in fifth form.

One hundred seventeen (117) students from eight secondary schools around the country qualified to be recognized at this year’s ceremony. Twenty-seven more students qualified to be recognized this year as opposed to the total from last year. Our students are therefore working to attain the new standard and this is very encouraging.

The performances of the students will be recognized in five (5) award categories. They are as follows:
Presentation 1 – Student’s passing 5 to 9 subjects (86 students)
Students passing 10 or more subjects (26 students)
Presentation 2 – Students Passing English A and Mathematics
Presentation 3 – Best Performing Student By Category (Business, Foreign Languages, Hospitality, Humanities, Science, Technical/Vocational Education, Prevocational/Career Development Education (3 students))
Presentation 4 – Students Attaining 5 or more General 1’s or A’s at one sitting
Presentation 5 – Best Performing Students – (the recipients of National Scholarships)

The honour of hosting this year’s ceremony goes to Wesley Methodist School on the strength of the performance of Leroy Penn. He amassed fourteen passes over the period of his eligibility. Natalia Williams of the H.J. Robinson High School captured second place and third place goes to Devonte’ Smith of British West Indies Collegiate.

Worthy of recognition are Natalia Williams of the H.J. Robinson High School and Krischan Cox of Marjorie Basden High School who earned positions on the CXC Regional Merit Lists. The lists highlight the top ten performers that sat examinations in the entire region in the various subjects for a particular sitting. Natalia Williams tied for tenth position in Food and Nutrition out of ten thousand one hundred fourty six (10,146) students. Krischan Cox tied for seventh position in the subject Building Technology : Woods out of a total of two thousand three hundred eighty (2,380) students.

Students from Government schools sat examinations in thirty (30) subjects; up from twenty-nine the previous year, the additional subject was Economics. Out of thirty (30) subjects sat twenty three (23) subjects had pass rates between 70 % and 100 %. While Mathematics did not fall into that category the pass rate improved to 54.72%.
Generally we continue to perform exceptionally well in the practical areas, the Pure Sciences and Business Studies. In the practical areas, with the exception of Visual Arts which was already attaining 100% passes, Building Technology: Construction and Woodwork, Technical Drawing, Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Home Economics Management all improved upon last years pass rate. Collectively, the pass rate for the subjects was 92.84%
In the Business area, Principles of Business, Office Administration, Electronic Document Preparation and Management and Information Technology all improved upon last years pass rate. Collectively, the pass rate for the area was 88.71%.

When we add the performances of students from non-government schools, which continue to show improvement in the quality and quantity of the passes earned, clearly and undeniably, our schools despite their challenges are making strides in the right direction. They are accomplishing it through hard work and dedication, and anchored on the guidance, encouragement and wisdom of dedicated and committed teachers and parents. This is a trend that the National Council hopes will be the norm for the majority of students attending our educational institutions around the country.

While this is encouraging, what is also undeniable is that there is still room for improvement. As a result, on our end, we will continue to take initiatives geared towards encouraging our students to strive to continue to improve the quality of their results.

In closing, the National Academic Awards Council congratulates all of the awardees that will be recognized at this year’s ceremony. We also encourage the administrations of the various schools, in conjunction with their teachers and supported by parents to continue to foster an environment that encourages students to strive for excellence.
Further, the Council extends an invitation to the public to join us at the Wesley Methodist School, in Providenciales on Friday, December 12th at 10:00 am as we recognize the accomplishments of our students.


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