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Cable & Wireless Communications’ Shareholders Vote Overwhelmingly in Favour of Merger with Columbus International



LIME Press Release – Shareholders of Cable & Wireless Communications plc (“CWC”), the parent company of LIME, today voted overwhelmingly in favour of the merger with Columbus International Inc. (“Columbus”), operator of the consumer brand, Flow.

Following the announcement of the transaction on 6 November 2014, shareholders attended a General Meeting in London today to vote on the merger and demonstrated their support by voting almost nine in ten shareholders in favour of the deal.

The combined business of CWC and Columbus will deliver broader pro-consumer product offerings and improved services; inject state-of-the-art TV and next-generation super-high-speed broadband technology into the combined business; deliver huge cost saving and operational efficiency opportunities to the Business and Government sectors and provide rapid and seamless fixed mobile convergence through a premier network platform.

The combination of the two companies is consistent with global industry trends where convergence of fixed and mobile networks, increasing content consumption growth, and continuing development of online applications are driving requirements for higher bandwidth, fixed line networks and TV capabilities.

Commenting on today’s shareholder approval, Sir Richard Lapthorne, CWC’s Chairman said:

“I speak for the whole Board when I say that we are very pleased we have received shareholder approval for this acquisition which will significantly enhance CWC’s growth profile and accelerate the progress towards each of the strategic goals we unveiled in May. It will also create a fully converged telecommunications business which, with the support of host Governments and Regulators, will provide the Caribbean with leading edge communications capabilities that will be as good as anywhere in the world.”

Phil Bentley, CWC’s Chief Executive Officer said:

“We know we have to work closely with Governments and Regulators to ensure that our customers benefit and that competition is not compromised – and that’s a commitment we’ve happily made to all our stakeholders; a commitment we intend to uphold.

In the discussions we have already had with Governments and the Regulators, we have emphasised our belief that this transaction will be good for bringing further investment to our markets. The merger is good for our employees, the communities we serve and, most importantly, our current and future customers.”

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Flow TCI in Final Stage of Network Restoration



GRAND TURK, turks and caicos, Friday, March 24th – Flow TCI today announced that the transmission upgrade project, which forms part of the company’s ongoing restoration exercise, has entered its final stages. The completion of the project is expected to alleviate the concerns raised by residents in Grand Turk, who have been experiencing a degradation in mobile and broadband services.

Flow TCI Country Manager, Joanne Missick stated: “We wish to say thank you to our customers for their unwavering loyalty and understanding as we bring this project to a close. We have communicated to the Premier, Hon. Morris and the executive of TCI Telecommunications that our new date of completion for the capacity upgrade into Grand Turk is set for May 4, 2023.”

Flow’s technical team has started work on the Ambergris Cay site and has successfully completed the migration of customers to a new transmission link. The team is continuing to monitor network performance.

Additional maintenance is scheduled for Saturday, March 25th in Grand Turk, and Monday, March 27th in Salt Cay.

Island Date Start Time Progress
Ambergris Cay Thursday, March 23rd 9:00am EST Completed
Grand Turk Saturday, March 25th 9:00am EST Pending
Salt Cay Monday, March 27th 9:00am EST Pending


While the ongoing work is not expected to majorly impact customer’s services; however, Flow asks residents to be prepared for intermittent minor degradations in service levels.

The maintenance operation is scheduled to start at 9:00am on each island. Our team will alert residents via SMS and social media on the start and completion of the scheduled maintenance and will conduct the necessary checks on the ground to verify network stabilization.

Flow TCI Facilities Lead, Ronald Gardiner stated: “In light of the reports received from residents, our technical team has fast tracked the mobile traffic migration project and engaged all necessary stakeholders to expeditiously to resolve these concerns and fulfil our promise to provide a superior mobile and internet experience.”

A subsequent update will be provided on Tuesday, March 28th and the company has committed to provide a weekly update to customers until the completion of this project.

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Ten Bahamian-Owned Businesses Receive Awards for Energy Efficiency; Three Receive Grants



Bahamas Information Services
#TheBahamas, March 26, 2023 – Bahamian business owners are being recognized for adopting practices that save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

During a reception recognizing ten businesses that have implemented various energy-saving features, Minister of Economic Affair, Senator, Hon. Michael Halkitis said that these persons were being celebrated because they were making a positive impact in the world of energy efficiency. The event was held at Baha Mar Convention Centre on March 22, 2023.

“This ceremony represents the result of weeks of hard work by the Access Accelerator team, who have been working diligently to select the businesses that have had the highest impact in energy efficiency after heeding the call to have their businesses studied,” he said. The Minister also invited all start-ups and existing businesses to find ways to incorporate energy efficiency into their businesses.

According to Executive Director of the Small Business Development Centre, Samantha Rolle, the initiative is part of the 11 initiatives under the guaranteed loan program furnished by the Inter-American Development Bank, which will be launched this year. The initiative will impact a cross-section of sectors in the economy, including food service, export readiness, fitness and wellness, hospitality, women in business and other sectors. She said that for this initiative, over 600 applications were received and after a strict process, ten businesses were selected with  the top three receiving a cash injection into their businesses, a free audit and an energy plaque.

Many of the businesses used LED lighting, solar-generated devices, recycling processes and energy efficient appliances to decrease their energy cost.  In addition, some business owners implemented protocols such as using a timer to schedule the optimal timing for high use/low use needs, or shut down or reduced their energy output while not in use, such as when the business was closed for the day. They also used ductless air conditioning units instead of central air conditioning systems. These were among some of the ways they were able to reduce costs and decrease their carbon footprint.

The top ten businesses included: New Life, The New Duff, MGS Grocery Store (Long Island), Perfec-Ton, Best Energy Bahamas Ltd., A & M Electrical Supplies (Long Island), Sawyer’s Studio, H. Russell Convenience Store (Andros), The Promise Institute and J & M Island Shop Consultants (Eleuthera). The top three also received grants in the amounts of $5,000, $7,000 and $10,000 to assist with their businesses.



Header: Recipients of awards in energy efficiency pose for a group photo during the Energy Efficiency Stars in Business Awards Show. The event was held at Baha Mar Convention Centre on Wednesday, 22nd March, 2023.

1st insert: Minister of Economic Affairs, Hon. Michael Halkitis speaking during the Energy Efficiency Stars in Business Awards Show. The event was held at Baha Mar Convention Centre on Wednesday, 22nd March.

2nd insert: The principals for the company receiving the highest recognition for energy efficiency, J & M Island Shop Consultants (Eleuthera) pose for a group shot with the Minister.


(BIS Photos/Mark Ford)

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PM Davis calls the future building of the New Bight International Airport ‘truly exciting’



Bahamas Information Services
NEW BIGHT, Cat Island, The Bahamas – Prime Minister and Minister of Finance the Hon. Philip Davis said that what his Government is building in New Bight, Cat Island, is “truly exciting,” and an important part of a “broader push to support the vitality of all our Family Islands.” “At the opening of the new passport office in January, I made a promise: I said construction on the new airport would start by May of this year,” he said at the Groundbreaking Ceremony, on March 23, 2023.  “Here we are in March, with shovels in the ground.”Among those present included Minister of Education and Technical & Vocational Training the Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin and other Cabinet Ministers; Permanent Secretaries; senior Government officials; representative of the Office of the Spouse of the Prime Minister Mrs. Ann Marie Davis; US Embassy Charge d’Affaires a.i., Mrs. Usha E. Pitts; stakeholders and residents.Prime Minister Davis added that there were many people who made the project possible; and he took the opportunity to particularly thank the Ministry of Works; the Ministry of Tourism, Investments and Aviation; Permanent Secretaries; the head of his Delivery Unit, Allison Collie; the Airport Authority; BIA; Local Administration; the architects, Michael Moss and his team; Kino and Willie Simmons and their team; and “the many others who are making our dreams, Cat Islanders, come true.”He noted that the new airport was a “very big and very important” investment in the people and future of that special island.“As a tier 2 airport, it will serve as a port of entry, with customs and immigration services, and will be equipped with a state-of-the-art fire station,” Prime Minister Davis said.  “The design is modern and sustainable, featuring solar panels, smart lighting, and rainwater collection.“Our history and culture will be on full display as well, with regatta-inspired decorations and multiple opportunities for local entrepreneurs to exhibit their products.”Prime Minister Davis stated that a new airport meant much more than increased travel capacity for Cat Island.“This infrastructural upgrade promises to attract new investments, revitalise old industries, and inspire new ones,” he said.  “I hope new opportunities here will mean more of our young people staying home and building their lives here, and I believe these same new opportunities will act as an incentive for native Cat Islanders to return home, because I always say “Once a Cat Islander, always a Cat Islander’.”Prime Minister Davis noted that the airport was, of course, part of a larger plan for revitalization.“Improvements to this island’s roadways are right around the corner,” he said.  “The contract to pave 70 miles of the main road will go to Cabinet for signing next week, after which work will commence immediately.”He added that at the peak of those roadworks, many Cat Islanders will be employed. Upgrades to the clinic were also on the way, as were new educators for the children, he noted.“A resurgence is here, my friends, and it is not unique to Cat Island,” Prime Minister Davis said.  “The Bahamas is not just New Providence, and I keep reminding my Ministers of that. We are working hard to revitalise our Family Islands.”He noted that there were “promising” new investments islands such as the Exumas, Long Island, and the Abacos.“And each of our islands ought to be treated as centres of culture, commerce, and opportunity in their own right,” Prime Minister Davis said.“As Ephesians 4:16 reminds us, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole – every island that comprises our precious country is important, and together, we are one family,” he added. PHOTO CAPTION
NEW BIGHT, Cat Island, The Bahamas – Prime Minister and Minister of Finance the Hon. Philip Davis takes part in the New Bight International Airport Groundbreaking Ceremony, on Cat Island, March 23, 2023.  Among those present included Minister of Education and Technical & Vocational Training the Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin and other Cabinet Ministers; Permanent Secretaries; senior Government officials; representative of the Office of the Spouse of the Prime Minister Mrs. Ann Marie Davis; US Embassy Charge d’Affaires a.i., Mrs. Usha E. Pitts; stakeholders and residents.
(BIS Photos/Eric Rose)

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