Controlled Burning set in Middle Caicos

Providenciales, 09 Dec 2014 – Fires will intentionally be set in Middle Caicos today. It is a part of the ‘burn event’ being managed by the Caicos Pine Project. There will be an early morning briefing with the specialists who are in from Kew Gardens, London and we are looking forward to showing you what happens in our feature of the controlled burning during Turquoise Morning.

Our friend Brian Naqqi-Manco will keep us posted and will bring a presentation on what happened and why it had to happen this Friday morning at 10am at the National Environmental Center in Lower Bight, here in Provo. The Caicos Pine is naturally combustible due to resins within the barks of the trees… often it is best to hold burn events so that fires do not break out unmonitored. These controlled fires minimize damage and can possibly save lives and certainly save properties.

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