Providenciales, 02 Dec 2014 – The People’s Democratic Movement is not impressed with the performance of the country’s economy; at least not in the way the Premier, Finance Minister and the rest of the PNP Cabinet appeared to be a few weeks ago during House of Assembly debate. There the PNP Government touted an $18.4 million dollar surplus and an historic cash flow. During their Monday Press Conference, the Opposition Party charged that the PNP Government is not spending enough, not engaging the private sector enough and are not good at budgeting.

“There’s been a lot of windfalls, and of coarse we have to remember Government is taxing at the highest level ever, than any other government. For us, the surplus says that you have more money to put into the sinking fund, that’s what their statement says. But for the people of the Turks and Caicos there is a reduction in the purchasing power of their dollar; they’re not feeling it.”

When the House of Assembly reconvenes for five days the week of December 15th, there will be debate on the budget supplementary. It is the PDMs view that the supplementary to the budget is only needed because the Government’s financial forecasting is ‘off’ when it comes to calculating and allotting what is actually needed to run the country in the first place. The PDM said the government is two years behind on the Salt Cay reverse osmosis plant, two years behind on the purchase of new ambulances and now, South Caicos is reportedly having some malfunction with its RO Plant.

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