No High Drama Just Keeping the Law

Nassau, 3 Nov 2014 – This as The Bahamas is moving on its new legislation which requires all migrants to have a passport from their country of origin and proper legal status in The Bahamas or face being deported. “No high drama, just keeping the law explained Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell yesterday upon arriving home in Nassau from an anti-piracy conference in Dubai.

Minister Mitchell has confirmed that 300 illegal migrants were picked up and 77 detained since the activation of that new policy on Saturday November 1. Mitchell explained children are being handled in concert with Social Services department as he aimed to diffuse partisan and anti-Haitian arguments and factions on the matter. It’s volatile and eyewitness video posted at my FB page shows children being quietly taken into custody. The Minister said this is not a Haitian targeted initiative and said it is not an event… that is the law, apart now of a regular routine in an effort to protect Bahamian borders.

There are 496 illegal migrants at the detention center in Nassau, Bahamas. Haitians in the majority at 396 with 43 Cubans, 21 Jamaicans and 20 Dominicans. Turks and Caicos Islanders are watching this effort in the Bahamas with keen interest…

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