Providenciales, 24 Oct 2014 – Today the National Tourism Strategy consultants announced that the online questionnaire is ready and citizens and residents can participate by following the link…

Since Tuesday, public consultation started in the islands with Grand Turk and South Caicos already covered… next week, Salt Cay, North and Middle Caicos get their turn to give views on a long term plan and development of Tourism in the country.

Gary Brough, Managing Director of KPMG in TCI stated: “On Wednesday and Thursday of this week we had two excellent town hall meetings in Grand Turk and South Caicos, respectively, and we would like to express our gratitude once again to everyone who participated in these events.We are very much looking forward to our forthcoming meetings in North and Middle Caicos on Thursday, 30 October, Salt Cay on Friday, 31 October and Providenciales on November 3, 2014.”

Guests to the country are apart of the survey too; for the past two weeks visitors have been filling in the questionnaire at the Provo International Airport.

Brough added: “Tourism is everyone’s business, it affects all of us, and we strongly encourage as many people as possible to attend these events to share your personal views on TCI’s tourism industry. We also encourage you to complete our on-line questionnaire at and/or e-mail us at Hard copies of the questionnaire will also be available at the town hall meetings. If you would like to supplement your completed questionnaire with additional submissions please feel free to do so by e-mailing KPMG at”


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