Environment Minister Dorsett visits oil spill site at Clifton Pier


DSCN1335October 4th, 2014

Hon. Kenred Dorsett
Minister of the Environment and Housing

RE: Oil Spill In Waters of New Providence

The Government is aware of an oil spill in waters on the south western end of New Providence, near to Stuarts Cove and Albany. Government officials were on site at Stuarts Cove and Albany to assess the extent of the oil spill and its impact.

I want to assure the general public that the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, the Ministry of Environment and Housing, the Department of Environmental Health Services, the BEST Commission and all other relevant agencies have been advised of this incident and dispatched. In addition, the Government has retained international consultants who are expected to arrive in the Capitol on Monday to assist in:
1. investigating and confirming the source (s) of the oil spill;
2. assess the impact of the oil spill;
3. address the mitigation of this spill,
4. advise on the preparation of an environmental management plan for the area
5. make remediation recommendations.

The Clifton area has been plagued with oil spills for many for decades. This Government is resolved and committed to address this vexing problem.


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