Second Cruise Port?

From the House Assembly at last sitting: A second cruise port and it sounds as if the minister of finance, Hon Washington Missick is ready for a robust exchange on the notion. This is not the first time this idea is being put forth by the PNP Administration… and last week during his ministerial statement, Minister Misick shared that the EDF Funding 11 coming to the Turks and Caicos will be used in the transportation sector. “Mr. Speaker, to the development of a deep water port that will be strategically located to include a second cruise port. This will increase TCIG revenue from this subsector, as well as allow SMEs to tap into the new opportunities that these ventures provide. It is anticipated that such measures will reduce the cost of imports, and potentially reduce the duplication of social services by eventually linking the Caicos chain as one contiguous market.” Hon Washington Misick continued: “Mr. Speaker, I welcome public-private dialogue on issues regarding the ports, cruise industry and potential initiatives in any of the sectors. I encouraged further engagement between government, the private sector and even academia. As an aside, perhaps there could be specific curriculum offerings that are geared at tooling and retooling persons to maximize their potential in cruise tourism; by extension this broaden the skillset of the wider tourism sector.”

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