Third annual Food and Wine Festival kicks off tomorrow

The third annual Food and Wine Festival kicks off tomorrow November 1st and will feature products from top class wine-makers and chefs, three of which are Beckstoffer wines, St. Francis Winery & Vineyards and new comers House of Mandela wines; which is led by former South African President Nelson Mandela’s daughters.

The wines will be incorporated in each of the 3-day events, where foods served at each event will be paired with a brand of wine.

In a recently held media briefing, wine-makers explained that they were proud to be in the TCI as the country’s melting pot serves as an international vehicle to marketing their product and maintaining a unique niche clientele. Wine Cellar’s CEO, Galmo Williams said there has been a 78% growth in wine sales over the past 10 years and despite the challenges in the economy and reports that wine production will be decreased, the Wine Cellar, which his home to nearly two million dollars in wine will continue to invest in the inventory.

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