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Talking conch and surgery on Steve Harvey’s couch

#The Bahamas, February 19, 2018 – Judging by the size of his smile and his core professional choice, it is probably not difficult to humour Steve Harvey.  However when you size up his stature and his personal accomplishments, it is likely it is more than tough to impress this multi-media icon; but recently a Bahamian-American did just that when he appeared on Harvey’s daytime TV talk show.

Early on, Myron Rolle was raised in The Bahamas and born in Texas.  His parents migrated to the United States, with the family, when Myron was but a boy.  Rolle was a guest on the Steve Harvey show where he was introduced like this by Mr. Harvey himself, “My next guest is just 30 years old and already his life is the stuff that movies are made of.  In college he was a star football player and a Rhodes Scholar, then he made it to the NFL.  Now after three seasons in the pros, he just made headlines for his latest achievement being accepted to the neurosurgery program at Harvard University. Please welcome a man who is the definition of over achiever, please welcome Myron Rolle.”

The audience erupted in loud applause.

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Dr. Myron Rolle flashed a huge smile, looked a little taken aback by hearing such a glowing report about himself from such a towering media figure, stretched out his arms on Steve Harvey’s couch, sat a little more upright and spoke in a mannerly, charming and humble tone as the cheering audience quieted in anticipation.

The 4:47 minute clip has been widely circulated on social media, particularly by proud Bahamians who are overjoyed to show off the accomplishments of a home town boy on the global stage.  By now, Bahamians are not unaccustomed to stand out athletes who are drawing international attention but this man, Dr. Myron Rolle, certainly does take it to a new level when it comes to achievement.

A sixth round draft pick in the NFL, where he signed on for four years as a safety with the Tennessee Titans.  While attending Florida State University, Myron was fantastic on the field for the Seminoles and fantastic off the field for the pre-med program which he completed in a record two and a half years with a  3.75 grade point average.  The amazing performance academically earned him a Rhodes Scholarship and he pressed paused on his NFL dreams to study at Oxford University in London, England.


Even his road to the Rhodes is a fascinatingly, inspiring story of sacrifice, tenacity and uncommon favor.  Myron Rolle saw doors open to him that no man could shut and he made wise choices by taking the one year Rhodes Scholarship, which is offered to only 32 Americans each year and in 2010 he was back for the NFL draft, where he was picked up in round six.

In 2013, Myron Rolle was one of three Bahamian Rhodes Scholars to be honoured with his image on a commemorative stamp; the 70 cent piece features the trio.  And he has charity organisations, including one focused on curtailing childhood obesity.

Dr. Rolle, who in 2009 had a day celebrated in his honour in Galloway Township, New Jersey  where he grew up told Steve Harvey that as a child, his parents put images of strong, accomplished, men who ‘looked like me’ on his bedroom wall.

Among those making the cut for Mr. and Mrs. Rolle as suitable black role models for their sons were Kofi Annon, Booker T. Washington, Deion Sanders and Dr. Ben Carson; the former presidential candidate; author of Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story; Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and a pioneering medical doctor, heading leading medical facilities and forging medical breakthroughs as a brilliant neurosurgeon, who also happens to be a black American.  Obviously, the latter two men made the most marked impression on young Myron as he was coming up.

myron with carson

“So Dr. Carson was on my wall as a young man, and he planted the seed of neurosurgery in my head, early and I also had Deion Sanders on my wall so he was kinda my athletic hero.  So I had this parallel road of trying to accomplish the goals academically and athletically and thankfully by the grace of God, by good work, good discipline I focused on education and focused on good principles, I was able to accomplish some of these things.”

The interview was riveting and got even more interesting as Dr. Rolle repeatedly talked about his Bahamian heritage.

When Steve Harvey asked him how he unwinds and cuts loose, the mention of the Bahamas came again and this time it was the conch that got ‘big props’.

“So I like to go back to Nassau and hang out with my family.  I like cracked conch, I don’t know if you have ever had conch before? But… crack conch, stew conch, boiled conch, fried conch, conch burgers, conch fritters, conch salad… every kind of conch you could think of.”

This conch list elicited laughter and Dr. Rolle continued his remarks demonstrating his love for his Caribbean region roots.

“I grew up on reggae and soca music so I live alone and when I have a chance to have my own jam session and concert in my house, by myself I get a full lather on…I really get into it.”myron rolle dept neurosurgery

At this point, as a master of comedic timing, Steve Harvey says, “well that living alone – there’s some people who can shut that down for you right now…”  In a ‘round the way girl’ voice, Steve added, ‘heeeey, you don’t have to stay by yo’self.  I’m lonely too.’

Obviously, as a suave and handsome young man, Dr. Myron Rolle is also a very eligible bachelor and he next shared that he has met both Dr. Ben Carson – he attended church with the celebrated physician who also wrote him a letter of recommendation – and Myron has met ‘prime time’ aka Deion Sanders, another over-achiever retired now from both the NFL and MLB, and is a Hall of Famer.

cairsea INSERT FIXAs the interview neared the wrap up, Myron complimented Steve Harvey on his fashion sense and Harvey promised Dr. Rolle that he would continue to follow his progress.  Steve Harvey also endorsed the idea for Dr. Rolle to make a splash, fashionably, even in his medical scrubs.

Steve Harvey summed up the life of our Dr. Myron Rolle as well, ‘an amazing story’ and that is exactly what it is, truly amazing.

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