YOUNG TEEN KILLED, other with broken neck bone

Turks and Caicos, April 19, 2017 – Providenciales – There is no understanding it tonight for family and friends who are closest to the teenaged boy who today died in a traffic accident on South Dock Road.  A mere 15 years old, sometimes resident in Blue Hills with his mother; other times resident with his father in Millennium Heights is some of how the Clement Howell High school student is described.

Quiet, polite, a deep thinker and a young gentleman are other descriptions.  The boy does not lay in his bed tonight; he is in the morgue after a smash-up which Police confirm happened minutes to 4pm.  The family is beside itself with grief.

The driver is with a broken neck bone and it is expected that he will be airlifted.  Lorenzo Francis is the driver and is in his early to mid 20s and had just reported a break in at his home to Police, when the collision happened.

Magnetic Media is also getting shocking reports of how “coldly” the families were informed of the fatal accident and of how the morgue worker refused to open the facility for the devastated loved ones.  A government doctor had to demand that the morgue be opened to the 15 year old’s mother.  It took over an hour to get help and to get the employee to comply, we are told.  Police did visit a Blue Hills residence to inform of the accident.  However the manner in which the information was conveyed is drawing criticism.

There was another accident today near Grants Gas Station on Leeward Highway involving a Blue Hills Clinic nurse.  Her car careened into the median and suffered significant tire damage after she  swerved to avoid hitting a car entering the highway from the gas station.  The nurse is fine; the driver who is said to have caused the accident, fled the scene.






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