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Two fights break out at Sports Center, now Police, Parents, Coaches and Commission working better for safety



By Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer


#TurksandCaicos, November 15, 2022 – A schoolboy fight turned serious and two weekends ago and it was concerning.  A teenager was injured outside the Gus Lightbourne Sports Center and the student had to be taken to hospital.  The incident, seen not so much in person but via a widely shared social media video brought fresh and disturbing feelings to a country overwhelmed by the uncommon gravity and debased nature of recent crime.

Police did confirm the incident in a statement.  The report said it was a fight between minors and officers observed a male teenager bleeding. After applying pressure to the wound they transported him to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre for further treatment.

Based on frantic cellphone videos what we do know is that at least two fights broke out at the gym over the weekend. It’s not clear how the fight between a group of boys began but at least five armed with fists and what appear to be stones are actively swinging and punching at each other in the dirt.

Without a single adult in sight the fight goes on until one young man is knocked to the ground at the feet of the sports center sign. Immediately the fighters begin to scatter.  The screaming which had been present up to that point becomes even more frantic with calls of “He’s bleeding”.

The Sports Commission is now reinforcing security measures at its venues.  The Commission condemned the behavior emphasizing that it was not tolerated at their facilities.

At least 8 young men were seen in the cell phone recording, trying to help the injured to stand which by the end of the 37 second video he still fails to do and they end up half dragging him possibly to get help. The penalty for inflicting bodily injury on an individual with or without a weapon is up to five years for adults in The Turks and Caicos islands.

The second fight involved two young ladies.  They attacked each other throwing  themselves to the concrete. It was not clear what caused the explosion of animosity between the student groups but not there are changes.

As such, all spectators will now be required to vacate the premises immediately upon the conclusion of events, and  parents must pick up their children no later than thirty minutes after any event. Schools are being advised to coordinate transportation for their respective sports teams.

Magnetic Media recently reported on the worrying effects of experiencing violence on the child psyche, one psychiatrist explained that children who experience violence sometimes during the violence to solve their own issues, resulting in a dangerous cycle.

The TCI Sports Commission is now calling on parents and coaches to properly socialize and manage their youngsters.  Also new, identification will be required for some residents to enter sporting facilities and the Police Force will be present to maintain peace at sporting venues.

The TCI Sports Commission is currently hosting its Inter-High School Basketball Season and reopened its Softball season at the Gus Lightbourne Gym.

Caribbean News

Four Year Old Beheaded Trinidad 



Rashaed Esson

Staff Writer 

#Homicide#FourYearOld#TrinidadandTobago, April 9, 2024 – Trinidad was left in shock and sorrow with the beheading of a four year old girl, reportedly by her stepfather, early Tuesday April 9, at her home in Arouca, a town in the East-West Corridor of Trinidad and Tobago. The Police informed that when they arrived on the scene, the head of the little girl, identified as Amarah Lallitte, was in one room and her body in another.  


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Caribbean News

CariSECURE 2.0 Equipping Youth to Take Charge Against Crime



Bridgetown, 9 April, 2024 – Amidst rising concerns over citizen security in the Caribbean, a deliberate effort is being made to empower the region’s youth to step into leadership roles and drive change from within. Through a free, online course by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), youth will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle pressing security challenges head-on.

The “Youth on the way to Peace and Security” course is being launched regionally as part of CariSECURE 2.0 (CS2.0), which works to reduce youth involvement in crime and trafficking in persons (TIP) in the region. It will run from 16 April – 3 May, with support from InfoSegura.

This course comes at a crucial time when security issues like crime and violence are on the rise in the Caribbean. By the end of the course, participants will have improved understanding of regional security challenges, enhanced leadership skills, and greater opportunity to network with peers and experts around the region, empowering them to take leadership roles in regional conversations and citizen security activities.

Maia Hibben, Project Manager for CariSECURE 2.0, underscored the significance of engaging young people in matters of citizen security.  ” Throughout the life of our project, input from young people has been invaluable,” she said. “Whether it be helping to craft national workplans to reduce crime, developing a roadmap for youth empowerment in the Caribbean, or creating digital solutions to improve crime reporting as planned for this year, youth have proven that their perspectives are indispensable. This course is just another way for youth to strengthen their skills to address regional security challenges.”

By building capacity of young leaders to address security challenges and promote social cohesion, the course contributes directly to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 16, towards Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

The course will offer lessons in the current mechanisms that impact youth decision making, insight into youth citizen security challenges in the Caribbean, and give practical guidance on the positive roles participants can play in conflict resolution, with complementary webinars, podcasts and practical resources tailored to the English-speaking Caribbean. It is free of charge and open to participants from all backgrounds, regardless of age, nationality, or level of experience. A certificate will be awarded upon completion.

Register for the course by 15 April:

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Chalk Sound burglar caught on illegal sloop; Police make arrest slap him with multiple offences



Wilkie Arthur

Freelance Court Correspondent

MACKENSON CHARLES was one of the 31 alleged illegal aliens trying to enter the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) on Friday March 8th, 2024 when officials intercepted their boat at Muddy Point, Kew in North Caicos. 

He had been previously sent or returned home to Haiti on more than one occasion, but being presumptuous and arrogantly persistent; he tried coming back but was caught at sea along with Identified Haitian gangsters and a Bahamian on the said boat.

Police authorities were pleased to have captured MACKENSON CHARLES as his fingerprints were allegedly found at two CHALK SOUND dwelling homes, one was burglarized on 28th July, 2023 and the other on December 9th, 2023.

Female Police Detective Stelisa Hall slapped the accused CHARLES with four criminal charges, two counts of burglaries, and two counts of unlawful entries.

The charges read that he entered unlawfully between Saturday, April 1st 2023 and  January 31st, 2024. The next count said he illegally entered on Friday, March 8th, 2024 (the date of his captured).

The burglary allegations read that the Residence Yard, Five Cays, Providenciales alleged illegal Haitian burglar entered the dwelling home of Ms. Susan Bristow and Mr. David Leveaux, on Casa De Isle, Ocean Point Drive in Chalk Sound, Providenciales and steal an apple iPhone 14pro value at $1,086.24, $100.00 UK pound sterling, $400.00 in US cash and among other items. 

This was on Saturday December 9th 2023.  A second burglary was committed on Friday 28th July 2023. 

This was also in Chalk Sound, Providenciales at Villa View, Harbor Gates. 

The home was at the time occupied by Ms. Elizabeth Strauss. Stolen from her was a wedding band value unknown, one green Bum Lulu Lemon bag, value unknown, an apple watch value unknown, $560.00 in cash and more.

The accused was brought before the Magistrate’s court on Wednesday March 27th, 2024 and the cases were adjourned for mention on Tuesday 02nd April.

To date, Magnetic Media has received no further update on the outcome of these matters.

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