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Indian High Commissioner visits Turks & Caicos with praises and encouragements for the local Indian Community



By Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer


#TurksandCaicos, June 17, 2022 – Indian High Commissioner, to Jamaica H.E. Mr. Masakui Rungsung visited the Turks and Caicos on June 5th and had encouraging words for the Indian community in the islands.

Rungsung who serves as the High Commissioner to Jamaica, The Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands met with the small but vibrant Indian community in the TCI which numbers about 250 people.

He restated his country’s commitment to its diaspora, stressing that if the Indian community in the TCI needed anything they only had to communicate it.

“My officers will definitely call you back, or drop in a message, we might be engaged somewhere else or because of the time difference; but if you drop in a message we’ll definitely call you back.”

He assured them that they were important, noting that when they did well overseas it was not brain drain but ‘brain gain.’

He also said that the small community had to treat each other well and remain tight knit, encouraging them to form an association, register at the High Commission’s website and even create a WhatsApp group for expeditious replies and stronger relationships.

The Ambassador, who also facilitated a mix and mingle at the Palms Resort was also welcomed to the country by Hon Otis Morris, Home Affairs minister and Hon E. Jay Saunders, Deputy Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The meeting with the Indian community preceded a meeting with TCI Premier, Hon Washington Misick which was also scheduled for the three-day visit.

H.E. Rungsung, who was accompanied by his wife and other staff from the High Commission’s office, maintained that there must be duality in Indian members of the TCI family.

“You come from India and your roots are there. You preserve those traditions but adapt and live with the people where you have settled down,” he said.

In an exclusive with Magnetic Media, the High Commissioner divulged that the recent official visit of the Ram Nath Kovind, President of the Republic of India to Jamaica was a signal for the entire region.

“There is a commitment from the government of India towards the small island countries. It is important for us to partner with the smaller countries on disaster management because of climate change and several other issues…We are committed to partnering with this region.”

Referencing India’s willingness to share vaccines in the Covid-19 pandemic as an example, he described the Caribbean and India as a family,

“Unless we can save all the family members then the family cannot be saved.  Whenever there are issues in a country we are happy to donate, we’ll reach out to all countries including this one,” he explained.

While there was no monetary investment in the cards for the Turks and Caicos, Rungsung said, “I think we’ll always find a way depending on what the requirements of this island are to see what kind of assistance we can give.”

In the meantime he informed of training programs fully sponsored by the Indian Government and during  discussions with the premier, the Indian High Commission said he would encourage the TCI government make them available to Islanders.


Washington MISICK challenged, and holds onto Leadership of the PNP



#TurksandCaicos, February 24, 2024 – Magnetic Media can report that WASHINGTON MISICK has emerged and remains LEADER of the governing Progressive National Party.It has been a contentious battle today at the PNPs National General Congress (NGC) for party leadership with interest coming from: Jas Walkin, the party’s 2021 campaign manager who this week publicly withdrew his bid; Dameko Dean, former Wheeland candidate who had published an article revealing his quest to lead the PNP and E Jay Saunders who today unsuccessfully challenged MISICK for the role.Saunders has tried for leader before and has served as the party’s deputy leader, at the pleasure and selection of Washington Misick since June 2019.The run for party leader was a risky maneuver by Saunders, son of former PNP Party leader and Chief Minister Norman Saunders.Delegates cast votes, giving E Jay Saunders 58 votes and Washington Misick 88. The elder statesman convincingly retaining delegates’ confidence.It is also reported that, based on the PNP Constitution, Saunders needed 70% support from delegates in a preliminary run off.  He was unable to secure that much backing.A constitutional motion to change the selection process of the deputy leader to a delegate vote reportedly failed.It is therefore unclear what the immediate future, politically is for Saunders whose party and government roles are hinged on Washington Misick’s prerogative to have him or someone else in these posts.However Misick is already promoting a strict focus on uniting the party following the NGC meeting held at the Shore Club.

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TCI Community College staff struck and robbed, another chased in car by attackers



Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer 


#TurksandCaicos, February 23, 2024 – Attacks against several of its staff members last week have forced the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College to reassess its security.

“The college is robustly ending in immediate steps to review and reinforce our campus security protocols,” said a February 16 letter to staff seen by Magnetic Media.

The letter puts the date of the incidents as February 15th at one of its Providenciales campuses.

In the first,  a male member of staff was attacked and his car stolen after he left a meeting. When Magnetic Media queried police about the event, they released additional details of the robbery.

We were told around 9:15 pm, Thursday February 15, a 39-year-old male and his colleagues were leaving the TCI Community College Campus, Princess Drive, Providenciales, when a group of men surrounded his vehicle.

The man, noticing that one of the men had stopped at the rear of the vehicle, approached him to investigate and was struck on the head. In the immediate aftermath, the assailants escaped in the victim’s car, leaving the TCICC staff member injured at the scene.

The victim was transported to the Cheshire Hall Medical Center by police officers, and up until news production time, the car had not yet been recovered.

Following this incident, the Community College also revealed that a car chase had taken place.

A female member of staff this time, was chased down by suspected criminals as she left the campus. The employee managed to outdrive the people pursuing her and arrive safely at her destination, but she was described as shaken.

Now both, police officers and campus administration are urging residents to remain vigilant, especially when heading into their cars at night.

Safety tips that can help residents avoid attack, robbery, injury, or worse include:

  • Stay alert when heading to your vehicle; don’t be distracted by your phone; pay attention to your surroundings.
  • if you see anything or anyone suspicious, do not investigate on your own; go back and get a security guard or similar personnel to assist.
  • Have your keys ready in your hands before approaching your car, so you can enter the safety of your vehicle immediately.

The police have not yet arrested anyone for the robbery attack against the employee.

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Royal TCI Police share CAREER DAY Highlights



#TurksandCaicos, February 23, 2024 – On Thursday, 8th February 2024, between 9 am – and 2 pm, the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force attended a Career Day event at the Enid Capron Primary School, Five Cays, Providenciales.

Under the theme “Be aware, choose a career”, the RTCIPF showcased the many career options available in policing.

Members of the Community Policing Unit, Safeguarding and Public Protection, Anti-Gang and Drugs Unit, Marine Branch, Traffic Enforcement, Air Support Unit and Mechanical Department were present.  Officers answered questions posed by the young, impressionable minds.

Insp Ensa Wilson lectured students on various topics, including: “Good Touch, Bad Touch”, alerting adults to inappropriate situations and the importance of calling 911.

Students were asked questions following the lecture and were given RTCIPF tokens.

Sgt. Kavin Mars, along with PC Fitzlewis McDonald and Kiyon Doughty of the Anti Gang and Drug Unit, freestyled “Don’t Huff, Don’t Puff, Don’t Do That Stuff” and warned students of the dangers –health and legal – of using drugs.

Superintendent (Community Policing and Divisions) Dwight Gardiner commended the school’s initiative and applauded the representation of officers present.

Supt. Gardiner said: “Career Days often highlight the importance of community policing and underscore law enforcement’s vital role in fostering trust, collaboration, and safety within neighbourhoods.

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