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TCI: ‘Illegal tyranny’ cited as Opposition Leader questions how PNP Gov’t is getting away with premature Statutory Board Changes



#TurksandCaicos, May 12, 2021 – Investigations may be launched into some of the spending at the Statutory Board level the Premier revealed in the last sitting of the House of Assembly; Hon Washington Misick was responding to the hard words coming from the Opposition’s Appointed Member, Alvin Garland who claims it was victimization to terminate contracts of statutory board members appointed by his PDM party while in government. 

The Leader of the Opposition PDM is now chiming in with a statement of his own, one that dismisses charges of corruption and unsuited qualification of the individuals appointed when the PDM was in government. 

“The Hon. Premier has recently accused persons previously appointed to Boards as being corrupted, unqualified, and incompetent. He has also stated that former members were on boards for the sole purpose of collecting a paycheck, even though the majority of Boards pays a very minute amount to its members and some Boards do not pay anything,” said Hon Edwin Astwood in a statement issued by his office.

The former minister for health called the Premier’s comments disingenuous, very reckless and used in an attempt to justify his actions. 

“The Premier’s intent is to create a one-sided narrative about persons serving on Boards appointed under the immediate past PDM administration, A narrative that is clearly in all respects untrue. This mischaracterization of the truth, has the effect of smearing the character of persons that were serving on Boards.”

Astwood rejected that board members were only there for a paycheck,  that board members have only now started to turn in CVs as part of the process and he challenged the premier to look again, explaining that all individuals appointed were suitable and qualified.  He said the mischaracterization possibly tarnishes the reputation of outgoing board members characters, adding that he is concerned that cabinet is allowing the early termination of sitting board members to go through without intervention. 

“It is discouraging for our people to see this shameful action by a newly elected Government to be on this rampage of spreading baseless claims of corruption and mismanagement on boards, and moving in such a way to permanently tarnish the reputations of Board serving Turks & Caicos Islanders. I state this disclaimer, that I fully support the notion that an elected Government should have the ability to appoint Board members after winning a general election, and that the Board appointments should have the same life of the Administration appointing them, four years, with substitutions being made when situations call for it. However, our current system does not allow for the removal of sitting members from Boards, before the expiration of their appointment time, without having just cause.”

Edwin Astwood called it a shameful act perpetrated against law abiding citizens who had accepted patriotically to serve the country through board appointments.

“During my time as a Cabinet Minister, advice was given that it is unconstitutional to action the removal of sitting members from Boards who have not violated any law or code of conduct. In addition, we were strongly cautioned that pursuing these actions will enact serious repercussions to ourselves and the Turks & Caicos Government. Therefore, in order for the new PNP Administration to legally remove persons from Boards, a plan was incorporated to perpetuate false and unproven narratives about the conduct or Board Members, in order to justify the removing all PDM appointees from Boards. It is with some concern that I note how this purge of Sitting Board members is being allowed to pass through Cabinet, and the willingness to allow this unjustified removal to take place by Non-elected Government Officials,”  added Hon Astwood.

He called the actions of the new premier nothing short of tyranny and said the re-compositions of boards are unfair and likely illegal.

“This tactic is clearly only being used as a justification for termination of PDM Board members. This is a sad day at this time in the history of the Turks & Caicos Islands, to witness what this New PNP administration is doing. The Government claims that they are fighting against corruption, but in actuality are applying corrupt tactics as their modus operandi. They have exposed their hypocrisy and their true motives. The removal of Board members has nothing to do with eliminating any perceived corruption or mismanagement, it has everything to do with getting more Power to further their sleazy campaigns.

Actions such as this by new PNP Administration, can have the effect of rapidly moving our country from Democracy to Tyranny, by tying to use the force of law to punish their political opponents and non-supporters. These actions are also seen as a Government turning its back on the rule of Law and poisoning the democratic system of a country. We have to also be able to trust that our leaders will not spew something out there that is wrong, unproven, and not verified.”


FortisTCI Presents Sponsorship Funds to the National Cancer Society



Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands (Wednesday, October 20, 2021) – FortisTCI has presented the National Cancer Society of Turks and Caicos Islands with a $5,000 sponsorship to help support the Society’s ongoing programs and the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk-a-thon, which will be held on Saturday, October 30. FortisTCI President and CEO Ruth Forbes made the presentation on Tuesday, October 5 to the Society’s President Veronica Rigby, and former president Rosemary Jolly.

FortisTCI is a long-standing sponsor of the National Cancer Society and over the years has supported programs such as the annual walk-a-thon and the Society’s Night for the Fight event.

FortisTCI President and CEO Ruth Forbes said, “We are proud to once again show our support for the National Cancer Society and the very important work it does. Cancer is a disease that touches almost everyone in our community, whether directly or indirectly, and it is vital that we have a dedicated organization like the National Cancer Society that continues to educate the community, and provide tangible support to cancer patients. As we mark October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we hope this donation will assist in enabling the Society to expand its outreach efforts.”

National Cancer Society President Veronica Rigby remarked, “On behalf of everyone at the Society, I thank FortisTCI for their continued support. Beyond this sponsorship and their financial commitment through the years, we know we can also count on FortisTCI employees to support our activities. We have a partnership that works well together, as we do everything we can to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.”

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Bahamas News

Students display culinary skill and creativity in Bahamas Young Chef Competition



Lamont Missick with judges and teachers

#TheBahamas, October 19, 2021 –  – Despite setbacks and limitations due to COVID-19, Lamont Missick, H.O. Nash; Gerardo Annacius, Anatol Rodgers and Brianna Butterfield of Kingsway Academy, overcame the odds and finished first, second and third respectively in the second phase of the recent 29th Annual Bahamas Young Chef New Providence District Culinary Competitions.

With hybrid lessons and just two weeks of in-person classes supervised by teachers, the three students, who are enrolled in Family and Consumer Science Education, stepped up to the plate and earned the right to enter the upcoming third phase (National Round) of the annual contest.

Now into its 29th year, the annual district competition, sponsored by the Ministry of Education along with Robin Hood Flour and Mahatma Rice, was held at Anatol Rodgers Senior High School, October 7 and 8.   Under the watchful eyes of judges who are all professional chefs — Clement Williams, Jimmy Dean, Chief Judge Gerald Rolle, Hazel Rolle, and Celeste Smith — the students were required to use Mahatma Rice and Robin Hood Flour to prepare a dish and dessert based on the theme “Bahamian Culinary Resilience: Going Back to Our Roots.”

Following the grueling round in the kitchen and interviews by the judges, Raquel Turnquest, Education Officer congratulated the students and parents, and offered advice to the teachers.

“We appreciate all of the time and effort that you put into your children. This competition is a true partnership between home, school and industry. The chefs are willing to give their input and give them [the students] the benefit of their experience.

“We have three young persons who are very much into what they are learning in school. They are putting their best foot forward. All of them are automatically in the national round,” said Ms. Turnquest.

“COVID-19 is forcing us to use technology in new and creative ways. You are now able to bring industry professionals into your classroom almost on a regular basis who don’t have to leave where they are to get into your classroom to give the students the benefit of their knowledge.”

She urged the students to use the judges’ critiques to refine and elevate their dishes.

“You saw the experience of working in the kitchen with persons viewing and walking through while you are working. That is something valuable. Take advantage of it and we’ll see you again for the National round. Congratulations to all of you today.”


Lamont Missick, 14,

Flour dish: Pineapple upside down muffin

Rice Dish: Land and Sea Rice

Lamont said he used the opportunity to sharpen his culinary skills.

“I realized my love for culinary arts from the age of 8. I remember watching Ratatouille, and hearing that “anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great. I aim to be great and one day become and executive chef in my own restaurant,” said the ninth grader.


Brianna Butterfield, 14

Flour dish: Sugar apple almond muffins

Rice dish: Spinach Carrot Rice Cup with grouper pineapple sauce

“I love to cook and I wanted to boost my cooking skills,” said Brianna.



Gerardo Annacius dubbed his dishes ‘Fall ‘n’ Love’.

Rice dish: Conch and shrimp rice ball with plantain and coconut deep fried in coconut topping

Flour dish: Toasted bennie spiced cream puff with native pumpkin and coconut crème filling topped with ginger caramel


All of the judges commended the students on their dishes and encouraged them to continue to work hard.

Lamont was praised for his organized and sanitized kitchen-station. Also noted was his flavorful ‘spot on’ rice dish from which exuded flavors of conch, lobster, salt beef and coconut milk.

Chef Williams encouraged him to improve his presentation and move away from serving rice the old fashioned way of “cupping” in a bowl.

The judges were impressed with Annacius’ theme: “Fall ‘n’ Love’ and gave him pointers on how to improve his dish and dessert.

“You experienced a slight setback in the kitchen and your dessert dish did not come out as expected — but you did not stop, you made an effort to present something. Your dessert was flavorful; it did not rise like it should but you executed based on what you had,” said Chef Smith.


By Kathryn Campbell

(BIS Photos)

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Caribbean News

JAMAICA: Frontline workers and athletes hailed for their roles in battling COVID-19



#Kingston, October 19, 2021 – The performance by frontline health workers and Olympians from the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo has benefitted Jamaica tremendously.

This from Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Hon. Olivia Grange who made the comment while speaking at a virtual National Heritage Week Thanksgiving Church Service held Sunday (October 17) at the Waltham Park New Testament Church, 65 Waltham Park Road, Kingston, under the theme, ‘Saluting our Heroes…Safeguarding Our Legacy.’

During the service, there were virtual scripture readings by Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Andrew Holness and the Leader of the Opposition, Mark Golding. The service was aired on local television stations and streamed on the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s social media pages.

Minister Grange said that the work by the two groups, health care workers and athletes, “have benefited our nation immensely in the COVID-19 [coronavirus] pandemic times.”

She read comments from a newspaper article by nurses in St Ann, who had explained that although their jobs posed many challenges, “they were working towards a greater good”.

“It is a good feeling to know that we would go down into history as a set of people who did what we could do to alleviate the pandemic. It is a good experience to be part of this life changing time for the country,” Minister Grange recounted from the article.

The Minister said that the athletes should also be commended for giving Jamaicans “much to cheer about by their performance” during the pandemic.

“They represented us so well, that Jamaica ended up with nine medals putting us sixth place in track and field and 21st overall out of 206 competing nations. All of that against the background of the pandemic which had severely disrupted their training schedule,” she said, adding that the athletes should also be praised for setting a good example by getting vaccinated prior to the games.

Minister Grange urged Jamaicans to use Heritage Week to show respect and appreciation for the service and sacrifice of not only the National Heroes, but also for the “heroes of today.”

“It is important that we celebrate our National Heroes and the everyday heroes who make such a difference in our communities,” she added.

She said that the Ceremony of Investiture and Presentation of National Awards 2021 which has been pre-recorded to observe the gathering limits of COVID-19 protocols, will be aired on National Television on Monday, October 18.

In his virtual remarks at the national thanksgiving service, Governor-General, His Excellency, the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen said that Jamaicans should treasure and build on the legacy left “by those who have helped to shape our nation.

“Today we continue to use the inspiration and opportunities created by our heroes as well as the traditions of our parents to be our guide, to open new horizons of social progress, economic growth and individual excellence,” he said.

Release: JIS

Contact: E. Hartman Reckord




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