TCI: Dump issue makes new House session debut through new MP for Wheeland

#TurksandCaicos, April 2, 2021 – The urgent need for resolve to the long standing issue of the fires either at the dump, under the dump or surrounding the dump in Providenciales made the meeting of members of the House of Assembly on Tuesday; Member for Wheeland Hon Kyle Knowles said the outcry of residents of Electoral District 10 should not fall on deaf ears.

“Mr. Speaker, I stand before you this morning, to address, a long standing issue in my constituency, that continues to plague our very existence for a very long time. This thorn in our side has impacted our environment and sadly impacted the health of my beloved community.

I speak of none other than the solid waste landfill which is located in, Wheeland, my community, my constituency. Mr. Speaker, the beautiful people of my constituency have unfortunately had to grapple with the nuisance of the coal kiln burning within our community, people trespassing on the dump site scavenging through refuge and discarded waste, and let’s not forget the random fires that stem from hot spots under the earth,” said Hon Knowles in his two minute address.

Illegal fires, like coal kilns were condemned by Knowles who stated ‘this must stop’ explaining the smoke is linked to health problems.

“These hot-spot fires produce little flame and much smoke, which can become a threat to public health as the smoke creeps along the land and chokes the elderly, the babies, the youth and other citizens of Wheeland. My constituents have had to suffer with an array of problems, health and otherwise because of the dump, the fires and the coal kiln.

Mr. Speaker, over the weekend there were videos circulating of an area in which piles of wood had been stacked for what could apparently be the preparation for this coal kiln procedure to begin. This must stop! This may seem trivial or insignificant to those not impacted by the smoke. But I make no apology by saying he who feels it knows it!”

Knowles, who is working alongside the Minister of Infrastructure in the new PNP administration, in speaking to his constituents and the Speaker of the House shared, “In closing, Mr. Speaker, to my constituents under the sound of my voice these matters will not go unaddressed as long as I am your Member Parliament, you’ve signed me up and I’ve hit the road running, I’m already at work for each and every one of you.”

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