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Art Takes 2021: NYC

#TurksandCaicos, March 9, 2021 – – Local artist HezronH is once again making international moves; this time in New York City at the Art Takes 2021 Exhibition. The artist will be participating in the upcoming group exhibition sponsored by SeeMe art community; Art Takes 2021.

The exhibition will be presented in two venues, a live, physical exhibition in New York City and also in an immersive and highly interactive virtual experience in which artists will “host” and interact with an audience of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. SeeMe is an exclusive international community of creatives that has hosted dozens of exhibitions since 2012, from New York City to Art Basel Miami to The White House to The Louvre in Paris. Select work from the Tears of the Trouvadore and Crown collections will be available for viewing.

‘Art Takes 2021’ will explore the ways in which artists, adapt and re-envision; how they employ their art to create new ways to communicate and offer perspective – ways that are cultural, political, and personal. 

Hezron will be featured along with 31 painters, photographers, videographers, and mixed media artists from the US and internationally chosen from over a highly competitive and international field of submissions by the esteemed jury panel of the Art Takes 2021 event. These artists bring to the fore both emergent and persistent themes for the year ahead such as culture, justice, equity, and fantasy displayed in over 50 artworks. Exhibitions will be at the following venues with the potential to extend:


17-31 March 2021, Art Takes 2021, Ki Smith Gallery


24-26 March 2021, Art Takes 2021, Gamerjibe platform

Limited edition fine art prints of Hezron’s work will also be available at the See.Me Gallery for purchase. This is the Artist’s first foray into the US gallery market. For more information visit or  

About the artist:
We are all blended with a swath experiences; walking, breathing, thinking creatures full of insight and emotions expelled through every single pore. Our aura illuminates spaces of darkness and drives ideas through vision, endowing minds with fragments of personality shimmering through a kaleidoscope of colour. 

Turks and Caicos Islands based artist HezronH explores this concept via fine art and illustration. His body of work consists of acrylic on paper, canvas and digital painting; adapting traditional painting mediums to his signature style. His artwork is characteristically laden with vibrant colours which serve to highlight the emotive power of colour.

He believes that it is most important that artists make no apologies for their work; his passion is honest artistic expression, creating an experience people can enjoy and connect with on an ethereal level. Surpassing over 2000 entrants worldwide as the Wacom “The Next Level” winning artist Hezron has exhibited in cities across Australia, New Zealand, and most recently Trinidad and Tobago; widening his ever-expanding boundaries.

Hezron Henry

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