Shamara Gardiner makes Big move at Beaches

#TurksandCaicos, February 13, 2021 – Before the declaration of a global pandemic and the closure of Beaches Turks and Caicos last March, Shamara Gardiner worked in the kitchen as an administrative assistant, doing her job to the best of her ability and dreaming of one day crossing over to the Public Relations Department.

Lunch time for her was never a time to eat but a time to go around with members of the Public Relations team, learning the art of capturing the perfect image. Of course, she had to do this. After all, if she wanted a shot at the role that was being advertised she would need to know a thing or ten about pictures. So from learning from others on her own time to doing a bulk of research on her own, she mustered up the courage, took the leap of faith and applied for the position of social media and intranet coordinator.

Fast forward to today; as fate would have it, Gardiner proudly sits in the Public Relations Office. She got the job. She was sharing her story with a group of other team members after attending a promotion ceremony that was held at the resort recently.

Having opened its doors to guests in late December, the resort wasted no time in ensuring that the hard work of their team members was highlighted.

Gardiner was among a number of other team members who formally received their promotion letter and congratulatory message, from General Manager James McAnally and Resort Director of Human Resources, Monique McClean- Vaughn.

“Employee recognition and team member development is the cornerstone of any solid organisation and it is no less pervasive at Beaches Turks and Caicos. These promotions came as a result of dedication and hard work. This is major,” McClean Vaughn explained. 

And major it is. Two individuals were promoted to Village Managers, a key role on the resort; a few were promoted to supervisors and shift leaders. Among these there was also a sales administrator, reservationist, cost control clerk, accounts payable clerk and two boat spotters.

Now, Gardiner in talking about her new role declared that this is not just a step up but a step in the right direction.

“This is a great accomplishment. I am so thankful to Beaches for providing each of us with the opportunity to excel. I’ve always been a hard worker and I am happy that I was seen as suitable for this new, prestigious role that is basically me using new media to market the resort. I truly feel that the Lord is giving me everything that I’ve prayed for,” she said.

She commended the company for always looking on the inside first when filling positions and explained that the policy on promoting from within heightened her chances of being selected.

General Manager, James McAnally echoed similar sentiments and congratulated Gardiner and her colleagues.

“We always think about the team here first. Once we see that there are competent individuals on staff who can matriculate into a certain role, we will give them the benefit of being considered first,” he shared.

He added that the persons who were promoted shone brightly and delivered excellently.

And for Gardiner, her new role has given her a new mind-set, a new drive and a new hobby, encouraging others. “There are too many opportunities here for you to be in the same place forever. You have to move into greater,” she concluded.

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