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Applications to be Registered as Independent Candidates for TCI General Election 2020

#TurksandCaicosIslands – December 30, 2020 – The Integrity Commission of the Turks and Caicos hereby Notifies the General Public that:

Under the Constitutional Mandate of the Integrity Commission, with the dissolution of the House of Assembly, the Commission hereby advises that all persons interested in becoming registered as Independent Candidates, are invited to visit the offices of the Integrity Commission in Franklyn Missick’s Building in Grand Turk or our Providenciales office at Unit 204 Cabot House at the Graceway Plaza, Leeward Highway, to pick up an application packet.

In lieu of visiting our offices, persons are invited to visit the website of the Commission at (link) where under the Political Activities header, there is a Form for the “Registration as an Independent Candidate” (FORM 1 A).

The application form (Form IA), has to be completed as specified under S 69(1) of the Political Activities Ordinance which is also available on the Commission’s website.

All interested persons are also guided, that they should familiarize themselves with S. 69(2)(3) (6)(7) and (8) of the Political Activities Ordinance prior to completing the form.

All are advised that under subsection (6) the latest persons may apply to be registered as an Independent Candidate is five days after the Election Proclamation. (ie: 5 days after the election date has been announced)

Persons applying to be Registered should also familiarize themselves with the Constitution of the TCI, in particular Sections 49 and 50. A link to the Constitution is available on the Commission’s website under the “History” of the Commission.


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