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Sex, Kissing, Sweat, Stool & the Coronavirus

My son and I share a kiss; Deandrea & David Hamilton

#Caribbean – August 15, 2020 – Maybe it is not the flouting of health protocols announced to fend off COVID-19 which is causing its alarming spike; what if it were the sweet kisses and passionate sex we share with our loved ones or lovers that is responsible for the dramatic increase? 

Research bears out that COVID-19 is contained and spread in saliva and sweat. 


Magnetic Media found that a Mayo Clinic doctor is among those who have explored this curiosity and answered the questions about sex, kissing, sweat, stool and the coronavirus.

“Coming into contact with a person’s spit through kissing or other sexual activities could expose you to the virus. People who have COVID-19 could also spread respiratory droplets onto their skin and personal belongings. A sexual partner could get the virus by touching these surfaces and then touching his or her mouth, nose or eyes. In addition, the COVID-19 virus can spread through contact with feces. It’s possible that you could get the COVID-19 virus from sexual activities that expose you to fecal matter,” said Dr. William F. Marshall III, Mayo Clinic.

Dr. William Marshall III – Infectious Disease Specialist & Internist Mayo Clinic

One report from China even confirmed that COVID-19 was found in the semen of men who had recovered from the infection, but that fact does not mean, at least not that any study has found, that sexual intercourse itself spreads the novel coronavirus.

“There is currently no evidence that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted through semen or vaginal fluids, but the virus has been detected in the semen of people who have or are recovering from the virus. Further research is needed to determine if the COVID-19 virus could be transmitted sexually,” reported Dr. Marshall.

So, sweating bodies have been banned from clashing on courts in high contact sports, but nobody in our islands is talking about the sweaty bodies which engage in that other, far more popular, close contact sport called ‘sex’.

The Turks and Caicos Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Nadia Astwood, in a press conference on Friday informed that interviews with coronavirus positive patients are not getting distinct information on how, precisely the COVID-19 virus was contracted.

Contact tracing has also been problematic, worldwide. 

Some positive patients refuse to be forthcoming with where they have been and with whom.  Perhaps the lack of enlightenment stems from the determination to keep what is hidden in the shadows, discreetly tucked away there.

Bottom line is people cheat and our islands are not exempt from this behavior, which in our post COVID-19 world, carries an even more reprehensible weight. Dr. Marshall addressed men and women with multiple sex partners.

“If you are sexually active with someone outside of your household, consider these precautions to reduce your risk of getting the COVID-19 virus:

  • Minimize the number of sexual partners you have.
  • Avoid sex partners who have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Avoid kissing.
  • Avoid sexual behaviors that have a risk of fecal-oral transmission or that involve semen or urine.
  • Use condoms and dental dams during oral and anal sex.
  • Wear a mask during sexual activity.
  • Wash your hands and shower before and after sexual activity.
  • Wash sex toys before and after using them.
  • Use soap or alcohol wipes to clean the area where you have sexual activity.
Dental Dam

A mask during sex?  Clean the sex spot with alcohol?  And some may wonder, what in the world is a dental dam?

The Mayo Clinic infectious disease specialist had other advice about sex, kissing, sweat and stool including how couples and individuals should consider altering their method of getting sexual satisfaction, while maintaining intimacy.

“The safest type of sexual activity during the COVID-19 pandemic is masturbation. Be sure to wash your hands and any sex toys used, both before and after masturbating. You might also consider engaging in sexual activity with partners via text, photos or videos, ideally using an encrypted platform to provide privacy protection.


Beyond sex, there are other ways to create or maintain intimacy with a partner at a distance. Go on virtual dates together, share music you enjoy, write letters to one another or dress up for each other. Be creative.”

Although it is not spelled out by health officials, we are reminded by this and other doctors that a six-feet distance between ourselves and others is a sure-fire way to steer clear of COVID-19.

“Since some people who have COVID-19 show no symptoms, it’s important to keep distance between yourself and others if the COVID-19 virus is spreading in your community. This includes avoiding sexual contact with anybody who doesn’t live with you. If you or your partner isn’t feeling well or think you might have COVID-19, don’t kiss or have sex with each other until you’re both feeling better. Also, if you or your partner is at higher risk of serious illness with COVID-19 due to an existing chronic condition, you might want to avoid sex.”

The article at MayoClinic.Org was posted on June 16, 2020 and starts with, what I believe is the ideal way to conclude my story.

“All close contact (within 6 feet or 2 meters) with an infected person can expose you to the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) — whether you’re engaged in sexual activity or not.”

Our spike in cases of COVID-19 may not all come from what we do when we are vertical and the people we do not dare to touch; instead it could actually be emanating from our horizontal pastimes and through the cherished relationships with the people we care about most.

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