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Royal Navy Ship in Grand Turk; HMS Medway on logistics mission

#GrandTurk – Turks and Caicos Islands – July 23, 2020 — As part of her overall support to the TCI, and wider region, the Royal Navy Ship HMS Medway will be making a stop in Grand Turk Thursday to Saturday, 23rd – 25th July, respectively.


HMS Medway will dock at the Grand Turk Cruise Centre port.

The ship’s primary aim is to conduct a logistics stop which ensures HMS Medway remains ready in all respects to Humanitarian and Disaster Relief operations throughout the core hurricane season.

HMS Medway is COVID-19 free.


Police, Customs and Environmental Health officials will meet the ship on arrival.  The Turks & Caicos Islands’ Chief Medical Officer has provided COVID-19 health guidance to the ship, and the ship has its own medical team which has been monitoring the ship’s personnel on a regular basis.

Some crew members will be able to disembark. They will not be leaving the Cruise Centre property, except to utilize the nearby beach area adjacent the pier.

The Cruise Centre facilities are closed and will not be available to the ship’s company. To ensure there is absolutely no risk, we ask that members of the public do not interact with the ship’s company.

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