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Manhunt on for three Covid 19 positive people

#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos – July 17, 2020 — Residents want names of the three individuals who have broken Covid-19 quarantine in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.

Members of the public, who have seen a government notice informing that law enforcement officials are on a manhunt for three Covid-19 positive people, say it is not enough for the Ministry of Health to inform that the positive patients are unaccounted for and have broken the law; they want to know the identities of the trio.

The three people were in self-isolation.

At this point there is also no information on when the three individuals broke their government ordered quarantine and Ministry of Health continues to be, in some opinions, overly discreet  about vital statistics including the sex and age of those with a positive diagnosis of the coronavirus.


The statement, issued just before 1 p.m. today, does not disclose sex, age, if the three individuals are from the same household or where the three people were last seen. 

The statement from the Ministry of Health does remind of the fine of $5,000 or the three month imprisonment which could result from breaking a 14-day quarantine order. 

At this point, the three individuals can be taken into custody by the TCI Police and made to remain at a government quarantine facility and face a Justice of the Peace who could execute penalties.

The policy does not appear to give the Ministry of Health any leverage when it comes to releasing the identities of those who fall into breach of the ‘Power to Self-Isolate’ law; despite the gravity of the offence.

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