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Letter to Editor: Empowerment

#TurksandCaicosIslands – May 7, 2020 — The opportunity for empowerment is something that all right thinking Turks and Caicos Islanders want for themselves. I believe that in our present environment the demographic that yearns for it the most are a grouping called Millennials.  Given the limited opportunities for empowerment within the TCI, their frustrations are very understandable.  

Imagine graduating in the summer of 2008 and being very hopeful that the sky is the limit and the following takes place over the next decade or so: September 6th 2008, Hurricane Ike devastates the country; September 15th 2008, Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy triggering a global financial crisis and locally stopping the financing the West Caicos Molasses Reef Project; 2009 Commission of Inquiry; August 14th, 2009 Suspension of the Country’s Constitution; 2009-2012 Interim Government; 2012-2016 a PNP Government; 2016-Present a PDM Government.

Now your 28 years old and no closer to your dreams and folks wonder why you don’t have any faith in political parties. In your formative years, no one has yet to deliver for you!!

In the middle of the word empowerment, is the word power and without power there can be no empowerment. This is what POWER means to me: Possess Our Wealth, Economy, and Resources (P.O.W.E.R).

Possess our Wealth: No sense in crying over spilled milk. When you know better, you must do better. All new industries created must be majority Turks and Caicos Islander owned. If we can’t own it as individuals, the Government should own it in trust for the people of the Turks and Caicos so it’s a benefit to present and future generations.

Possess our Economy: The Industries that currently exist; we must be positioned to run them. Policies and law must be put in place and succession plans enforced immediately. If we have a limited number of persons in the workforce, why not hold a majority of the middle and senior management roles in the Public and Private Sectors?

Possess our Resources: In no uncertain terms, we must return crown land under a ministerial portfolio. This will require constitutional change and a referendum. Land ownership is the greatest tool for empowerment outside of finance!

I hope to be given the opportunity to be a part of the team that truly gives POWER to the People.

Stay Blessed and Safe TCI, Jamell Robinson, PNP At Large Candidate

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