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Letter to Editor: Empowerment



#TurksandCaicosIslands – May 7, 2020 — The opportunity for empowerment is something that all right thinking Turks and Caicos Islanders want for themselves. I believe that in our present environment the demographic that yearns for it the most are a grouping called Millennials.  Given the limited opportunities for empowerment within the TCI, their frustrations are very understandable.  

Imagine graduating in the summer of 2008 and being very hopeful that the sky is the limit and the following takes place over the next decade or so: September 6th 2008, Hurricane Ike devastates the country; September 15th 2008, Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy triggering a global financial crisis and locally stopping the financing the West Caicos Molasses Reef Project; 2009 Commission of Inquiry; August 14th, 2009 Suspension of the Country’s Constitution; 2009-2012 Interim Government; 2012-2016 a PNP Government; 2016-Present a PDM Government.

Now your 28 years old and no closer to your dreams and folks wonder why you don’t have any faith in political parties. In your formative years, no one has yet to deliver for you!!

In the middle of the word empowerment, is the word power and without power there can be no empowerment. This is what POWER means to me: Possess Our Wealth, Economy, and Resources (P.O.W.E.R).

Possess our Wealth: No sense in crying over spilled milk. When you know better, you must do better. All new industries created must be majority Turks and Caicos Islander owned. If we can’t own it as individuals, the Government should own it in trust for the people of the Turks and Caicos so it’s a benefit to present and future generations.

Possess our Economy: The Industries that currently exist; we must be positioned to run them. Policies and law must be put in place and succession plans enforced immediately. If we have a limited number of persons in the workforce, why not hold a majority of the middle and senior management roles in the Public and Private Sectors?

Possess our Resources: In no uncertain terms, we must return crown land under a ministerial portfolio. This will require constitutional change and a referendum. Land ownership is the greatest tool for empowerment outside of finance!

I hope to be given the opportunity to be a part of the team that truly gives POWER to the People.

Stay Blessed and Safe TCI, Jamell Robinson, PNP At Large Candidate

Magnetic Media is a Telly Award winning multi-media company specializing in creating compelling and socially uplifting TV and Radio broadcast programming as a means for advertising and public relations exposure for its clients.


Alleged Dock Yard Robber Beaten and held until Police Arrive



#TurksandCaicos, December 10, 2023 – He carried over 14 rounds of 9mm ammunition in a loaded black hand gun at a small business establishment located on Bible Street, Blue Hills (aka behind Mara), Providenciales, with intent to carry out a robbery of the store.

JOSIAH PARFAIT, 20, of Dock Yard, Providenciales was stopped in an attempt to rob on Saturday 25th November, 2023 by regular civilians/persons, who took his gun, after he allegedly fired shots and they held him until the Police arrived.

Parfait appeared before the Hon Chief Magistrate Mr. Jolyon Hatmin unrepresented on Tuesday December 5th, 2023, for the charges to be read to him.  His matter was transferred to the Supreme Court for a Sufficiency Hearing on Friday February 2nd, 2024.

Parfait was remanded until that date to His Majesty’s Prison (HMP) in Grand Turk.

He’s charged with the following offences:- Count #1:- Possession of firearm; Count #2:- Possession of Ammunition; Count #3:- Discharging firearm; Count #4:- Assault with intent to rob and Count #5:- Discharging Ammunition.

In a police report published on November 28th, 2023, head of Crime, Safeguarding and Public Protection Unit Superintendent Dean Holden said: “It is now known that the suspect was detained at the scene by three persons who acted incredibly brave in the face of such a severe threat. Though their actions are commendable, he warned that, the RTCIPF wishes to advise that persons should not put themselves at risk but instead call 911 or the closest police station.”

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THIRD MAN charged with being a Gang Member to spend Holidays in Prison; Talbot is denied bail



Wilkie Arthur

Freelance Court Reporter


#TurksandCaicos, December 10, 2023 – Three young men, according to police investigation, who are allegedly involved in the Dock Yard/Kew Town gang in both joined and separate matters were adjourned to early 2024. All three men were ordered to remain at the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DCR) without bail.

The most recent of the three charged and remanded to the DCR was 20-year-old American Turks Islander, REGINALD TALBOT,JR, who had just arrived in the TCI on the day in question.

He was taken to the Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday  November 5th, 2023, arraigned before the Hon Chief Magistrate(CM) Mr. Jolyon Hatmin on charges of Gang membership or being a gang member and possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit a serious offense.

The learned CM told the accused REGINALD TALBOT, who was represented by two attorneys; Oliver Smith, KC and his junior assistant, Kimone Tennant, that he (the CM) can only read the charges to him at this stage and the matter was transferred to the Supreme Court.

This he did, and the accused was remanded until February 2nd 2024 for a Sufficiency Hearing.

His attorney immediately filed a civil bail application in the Supreme Court, and the bail hearing was heard on Thursday, December 7th 2023.

The allegations against TALBOT are that on August 2nd 2023 (this being the date an alleged gang boss/leader Guilene “GB” Jean Baptiste was killed in Grace Bay), TALBOT was reportedly seen by a police drone with what appeared to be a short gun in his right hand, alongside other masked gang members with what appeared to be much larger and longer heavy duty rifles in their hands.  The drone surveillance allegedly picked up images of the group while they were in Dock Yard, Providenciales, said to have been caught on camera shooting at the police and their armored truck.

Talbot is not charged with discharging firearm or ammunition because the police could not ascertain who fired the shots at them, however, they did state, according to Principal Public Prosecutor Clement Joseph that police returned fire, had to retreat and they were outnumbered by what could only be a gang.

Senior Defense attorney Oliver Smith, KC, when putting forward his submission to the Hon lady Justice Tanya Lobban-Jackson in seeking bail for his client, said that this “anti-gang ordinance” was poorly drafted.

KC Smith told the court, “the charges against his client were flimsy, paper-thin, without substance and has no teeth.”

He challenged the continued detention of his client constitutionally, stating his client has a right to bail and this court must not take it lightly. He said his client may be a USA citizen indeed, but he’s no less of a Turks Islander as he has a TCI passport as well. He has dual citizenship, and they’re willing to surrender both passports for bail. He told her Ladyship that the young man lives here with his parents at an address known to Police.

Making a case that Talbot was not a flight risk.

Mr. Smith KC challenged the prosecution’s submission to the court that because an alleged other gang member WOODY VINCENT JEAN BAPTISTE was refused bail by this court for the same allegations on the same date and time, his client must receive the same fate.

Oliver Smith said, Clement Joseph wants the court to apply “a one size fit all” view to this application, but he submitted there are case laws to support the possibility of variations in bail decisions.

The judge, having heard both sides for just over two hours, ruled against the applicant and denied the bail application.  Talbot is now remanded until his Sufficiency Hearing in February.

The lady justice, in her reasons for refusal said that she relied heavily on the affidavit evidence on Police Sgt. Kevin Mars as it outlined that the clothing seen from footage taken by the drone worn by the defendant in Dock Yard on the date of the incident on August 2nd, 2023, as compelling.

The judge explained that the very same ripped jeans pants, the very unique multi-color sneakers/tennis and the very same hoody with “Class of 21” was found in his room when Police conducted a search at his residence.  These were items worn by the male picked up in the drone footage.

Talbot was arrested last month (late November 2023).

Magnetic Media has confirmed that this is exactly the same type of evidence the police and prosecution are relying on in the case against Woody Vincent Jean Baptiste where clothing seen on cameras and by officers at the murder scene of his brother Guilene “GB” Jean Baptiste in Grace Bay, were also identified in the drone video of the group of men captured on footage on August 2, in a shootout with Police in Dock Yard.

According to police, Baptiste was also picked up on the drone in Dock Yard later that same day, along with Reginald Talbot and other so called, “gang members.”

In Baptiste’s case, Police also report they found the pants in a search at his home, that matched the Grace Bay camera videos and the very same pants he was still wearing at the shoot-out with the police in Dock Yard, that very day.

WOODY VINCENT JEAN BAPTISTE was last in court in this gang matter at his Sufficiency Hearing on Friday December 1st, 2023, before her Ladyship the Hon Chief Justice Mable Agyemang and he was committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court. His remand continues to January 26th, 2024 for a plea and directions hearing (PDH).

As for the third alleged gang member CYDEREO SMITH his Sufficiency Hearing was originally set for December 5, 2023. Smith’s arrest and charges are linked to a February 5 shooting at the underground parking lot of the Regent Grand Village in Grace Bay.  That sufficiency hearing is now adjourned to January 5.

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TCI Integrity Commission celebrates Int’l Anti-Corruption Day on December 9 – theme is “Uniting the World against Corruption”



December 10, 2023 – International Anti-Corruption Day is observed on December 9th each year, it marks the anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in 2003, a significant milestone in the global fight against corruption.  International Anti-Corruption Day is an annual event that emphasizes the need to tackle corruption and its far-reaching consequences. Corruption undermines trust in institutions, hampers economic development, and erodes social justice.

This day seeks to mobilize individuals, governments, and organizations to take a stand against corruption.

The 2023 International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) seeks the participation of country-leaders, and key stakeholders to participate in International Anti-Corruption Day by taking their time to raise awareness about corruption, promoting transparency, and support anti-corruption initiatives. Some ways to get involved are to:

Raise awareness using social media, educational forums, and community discussions to raise awareness about the negative impacts of corruption and the importance of combating it.

  • Support Anti-Corruption Organizations: Contribute to or volunteer with organizations working to combat corruption locally or internationally.
  • Engage in Transparency: Advocate for transparency and accountability in government and business practices. Support efforts to improve transparency in your community or workplace.
  • Report Corruption: If you encounter corruption or unethical behaviour, report it through the appropriate channels. Whistleblower protection laws exist in many countries to safeguard those who report corruption.
  • Learn About Anti-Corruption Laws: Familiarize yourself with anti-corruption laws and conventions in the Turks and Caicos Islands and around the world.

Know your rights and responsibilities. In the Turks and Caicos Islands, to achieve the goal of eradicating corruption; The Integrity Commission welcomes all stakeholders, to collaborate and partner in the fight against it, not just simply by ticking a box, but with heart, tact and compassion, to be successful, we are all needed to play our part, united we can.

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