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Big Take Away points from Bahamas Health Minister on Friday past


  • Dr Duane Sands, Bahamas Minister of Health is concerned that 21% of cases in The Bahamas are health care workers; five medical staff are positive for COVID-19. 
  • Bahamas Govt paying for respite – designated accommodations – for Health Care workers. They can rest up, clean up, sleep, eat and stay if concerned about going home after dealing with patients in this coronavirus health crisis.
  • Nine year old girl with COVID-19 infected by her mother who had travelled to DR, Dominican Republic.  Health Officials say she is being monitored.
  • Ships parked off the island of San Salvador are without passengers but with significant crew members.  They are liaising with Health, Transport and AGs Chambers to determine if they are served or permitted docking. 
  • Media exempt from restrictions for The Bahamas over the weekend; counted as ‘essential’ workers.
  • The placement of the special breathing tube of a ventilator is what could cause fluids in a COVID-19 positive patient to become airborne. Just under 100 people in The Bahamas are qualified to manage ventilators.  Health Minister Sands explained critical care will be restricted to Grand Bahama and New Providence. There are 70 available ventilators in The Bahamas for use on any sick patient.  The minister is satisfied with the amount of ventilators and trained experts there are to cope with the coronavirus health crisis.
  • Bimini case of Kim Johnson-Rolle, the 57 year old woman who is the first COVID death for The Bahamas has not resulted in an all island quarantine.  The health workers, the transport contacts and Mrs Rolle’s immediate family are confirmed as being in quarantine.  Bahamas Health says 36 contacts have been identified so far.
    Transport Isolation suits are now secured; Bahamas had been pushed to back of the line in its order. Consultant Dr. Dahl-Regis said there is a protocol, to be provided to media by the Ministry of Health.
  • Funerals planned for this weekend should be cancelled/postponed.
  • “This weekend should be very, very, quiet time… we hope to see less and less transmission of this horrible, aggressive virus.” said Dr. Sands

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