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Bahamas Defence Force sets up blockade; New COVID-19 orders

Coral Harbour Base, 03 APR. ‘20 (RBDF): In enforcing the Emergency Powers Order of COVID-19, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force has stepped up security efforts to ensure the safety of  the Bahamian residents.

Defence Force vessels have established a blockade off the northern Bahamas to ensure the closure of harbours as it relates to vessels entering or departing those inlets. Sections 10 and 11 of the COVID-19 Orders calls for the “Restriction are better equipped to deal with the probability of a local COVID-19 outbreak, after a series of preparatory and training seminars were hosted at the Coral Harbour Base this past week. 

Photo provided by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force

Led by Doctor Derwin Johnson, the force’s Medical physician, participants were updated on the effects of the virus throughout the region and the world. They were also enlightened on the signs and symptoms of the disease, which continues to make a threatening journey across the world.  Much effort was focused on preventative measures. 

Attendees were able to practice how to adorn and discard personal protective equipment.  The Medical Staff were on hand to address all concerns of its members, who will most likely be on the front line of any efforts the country embarks on in this regard. 

Blockade set up in Northern Bahamas

Dr. Johnson shared that “military personnel are vulnerable to exposure of a myriad of diseases based on the nature of their jobs.  As such, it is imperative to continually upgrade our policies and protocols in our response and have our personnel attend refresher and awareness seminars like this.” 

The men and women were made aware of  RBDF protocols and armed with information to both protect themselves and means of reporting any cases of suspected coronavirus to the relevant authorities.

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