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BAHAMAS: First Light, South Abaco power restored

#Abaco, October 3, 2019 – BahamaspFirst light! One-month after historically horrible hurricane Dorian slammed into Abaco and its Cays, Bahamas Power and Light announces that electricity in South Abaco is restored.

In a media statement, BPL explained: “… all but two South Abaco communities have now been safely and securely re-energized. The two communities are Island Homes and about 40% of Sandy Point, and we expect to have them on within 24 hours.”

Both Winding Bay and Casuarina Point are back on and were first to be re-engergized using the 1.8 mega watt CAT generator.   There were some snags, like an initial attempt which failed but by 12:26 am this past Monday, the unit was back up and running… all hitches gone.This is certainly a glimmer of light for a return to normal in the once bustling island.




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