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BAHAMAS: Students given second chance to earn high school diploma

#Nassau, September 4, 2019 – Bahamas – In their reflections, some students listed absenteeism and lateness as some of the reasons why they didn’t make the cut.  Other students marginally missed the requisite criteria to graduate with a diploma from a public high school.

But thanks to the new Second Chance Intervention Initiative of the Ministry of Education (MOE), following a two-week extended programme 95 students have successfully earned their diplomas.

The students, representing seven public high schools in New Providence received their diplomas during a graduation ceremony Thursday, August 29, 2019 at Holy Trinity Activity Center, Stapledon Gardens. The audience included family, well-wishers, teachers and officials of the MOE including the Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd, Minister of Education; Lorraine Armbrister, Permanent Secretary and Marcellus Taylor, Director. C.V. Bethel Senior High School band provided entertainment.

Mr. Taylor said the students have demonstrated “persistence and the willingness to endure to the end.

“We were not going to give you a certificate that was really counterfeit. A diploma really only has value when the holder of it is able to do what is expected of a holder of such a certificate.”  He congratulated the graduates saying, “You are holding a diploma for which you are qualified.”

By the year 2030, the Ministry’s goal is for 85% of high schoolers to graduate.

Minister Lloyd urged the graduates to “persevere.”  He told the graduates that they are successful because they have captured and manifested the skill called “perseverance.”

According to the MOE, student performance was assessed for the country and based on satisfaction of the academic GPA and BJC passes, students were invited to participate in a structured, rigorous programme including daily classes in Mathematics, English and Science.  

Upon completion, they were required to pass a final assessment with a minimum score of 65% while maintaining a minimum 95% rate for punctuality and attendance. Of the 110 qualified candidates, 95 or 86% successfully completed the programme and earned their diplomas.

The following are the minimum criteria for a student to graduate with a Diploma from a Public High School: Attain four subjects in the Bahamas Junior Certificate Examinations including Mathematics, English Language, a Science, Social Studies or Career and Technical Education subject administered at the end of the ninth grade; 27 credit hours in grades 10-12; Complete a minimum of core subjects and 12 are earned through the pathway courses; Maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 over the three years, grade 10 – 12, on a four point scale; Complete 30 hours of unpaid Community Service on the students’ time during the tenth, eleventh-grade years; Complete 20 hours of Job Readiness Training; Maintain 90% or higher attendance and punctuality over the 3-year period, grades 10-12; Maintain 90% punctuality level over 3-year period, grades 10-12; Parents are required to participate in a minimum of three  parent/teacher conferences between grades 10-12.

By Kathryn Campbell

Release: BIS

Photo Caption: Minister of Education the Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd Second Chance Intervention Initiative of the Ministry of Education at Holy Trinity Activity Centre, August 29, 2019.  

(Photos/Ministry of Education)

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