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BAHAMAS: Brother Sister Campaign Makes Scholarship Donation to BTVI

Bahamas, September 28, 2019 – The Bother Sister Campaign (BSC) recently made a scholarship donation of $500 for scholarship recipient, Hanya Sweeting, to study Massage Therapy at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI).

The BSC is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting hope and growth for the youth in The Bahamas. The organization is dedicated to serving underprivileged children and – as of 2108 – been able to provide academic scholarships for students who want to further their career.

The BSC’s Social Media Coordinator, Madeleine Johnson, expressed the organization’s desire to increase their impact on youth and the decision to begin offering scholarships.

“What truly prompted The Brother Sister Campaign to begin offering academic scholarships was the question of ‘How can we do more?’ We thought that one of the best ways to help our youth was to invest in their future, by way of providing an education. By providing an academic scholarship, we have the fortunate opportunity to impact young individuals and motivate them to further their education and follow their dreams,” said Ms. Johnson.

Hanya was one of many to submit an application. The BSC said she was chosen due to her excellent transcripts and her heartfelt and truly inspiring essay. They appreciated reading about how she would use her knowledge to be resourceful and impactful for her patients and the growth she aspires for in the years to come.

The organization looks forward to providing continual support to the community.

Release: BTVI

Photo Caption: Left to right: Bother Sister Campaign’s Vice President, D’Juan Seymour, scholarship recipient, Hanya Sweeting and the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute’s President, Dr. Robert W. Robertson

Photo: Shantique Longley

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