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BAHAMAS: Advisory: Prevention of Skin Infections after Hurricane Dorian

#Nassau, September 13, 2019 – Bahamas – The public is advised that following the passage of Hurricane Dorian there is an increased risk of skin infections associated with flooding and contaminated water. Persons are reminded that skin and soft tissue infections can develop when injured skin is exposed to floodwaters contaminated by sewage, chemicals and other pollutants.

Persons exposed to contaminated flood waters may potentially experience:

• Wound infections

• Contact dermatitis

• Or injuries from debris hidden by floodwaters

Dehydrated or malnourished persons are at a higher risk of infection, as even a small, superficial cut, when exposed to contaminated water, can result in a potentially dangerous infection.

Residents of Grand Bahama and Abaco and evacuees are advised to seek medical assistance if a rash appears or if a wound or injury appears inflamed or infected.

Hurricanes, floods and other emergency situations can aggravate existing dermatologic conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Persons with these conditions should take prescribed medications to treat their skin conditions and keep these medications with them during evacuations to reduce the opportunity for a flare.

Release: PHA

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