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TCI: More applicants, less scholarship winners, strong areas of focus for tertiary level education by recipients

#Providenciales, August 21, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – A crop of students who have successfully proven that they place a high value on education are revealed today as confirmed for tertiary level government scholarships to international institutions; still of the 157 who applied for the financial help 58 percent did not get nod, at least this time around.

Scholarships for 2019 went to 42 percent of applicants, a decrease from last year where 53 percent of those who asked for financial help for higher education received it.

Forty-six of the 66 Turks and Caicos Islanders who are winners of this coveted education assistance are pursuing their bachelor’s degrees and among the impressive degree pursuits is in the area of Psychology and Addiction Counselling by Cortina Williams, one of the TCI’s National Scholars.

Eight of the scholarship winners are pursuing Education degrees; specialty areas include English, Physical Education, Early Childhood Development, Human Ecology and Learning Technology & Society.

The majority of scholarships went to students pursuing professional degrees in the medical field.  Nutrition, Public Health, Forensic Science, Clinical and Forensic Psychology, Nursing, Psychology, Dental, Surgery and Kinesiology, which is the study of body movements are listed as the focus for the students this coming academic season.

Thirteen scholarships were given for Master’s Degrees including Chanthiana Bacchus for her Master’s in Industrial and Employment Relations; Crivanne Adams is working on Environmental Engineering and Project Management and Demetrio Quant is hotly pursuing a Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy, according to the published list.

Education Minister, Karen Malcolm offered congratulations to those selected by the Education Advisory Committee, “Remember that you have a responsibility not only to yourselves but to your country; to contribute to its development when you finish your studies and my Government remains committed to investing the resources to provide educational and employment opportunities for all Turks and Caicos Islanders. Education is a constant process of learning that offers limitless rewards for those that thirst for knowledge and are willing to endure and work hard to accomplish their goals.”

At least three of the awardees are Turks and Caicos national athletes.

Akia Guerrier received scholarship for Business Management; Colby Jennings is chasing a teaching degree in Physical Education and Angelo Garland is onto that Master’s Degree in Kinesiology.

To the 91 applicants who were not awarded a scholarship in this 2019 selection, there was an appeal from the Minister to apply again. “To the applicants who were not selected for a scholarship award this year, please try again next year.  Do not give up, continue to work towards your goals.”

 In 2018, 72 of 135 or 53 percent of applicants received international scholarships for tertiary level education; this year the awards are down eleven percentage points.




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