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TCI: CCTV is aiding the fight on crime says new Police Commissioner

#Providenciales, August 10, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Nearing its one-year anniversary since implementation, new Police Commissioner of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Trevor Botting says the CCTV program is helping them to solve crime in Providenciales.

“I want criminals to know this, because we are watching: those controllers are very adept around their CCTV.  So now that the cameras are up, we can track cars around Providenciales.”

Commissioner Botting explained this is a major stride, as previously, Police would spend days searching for vehicles involved in crime.  CCTV has reduced the time and increased the success rate of finding stolen or stashed vehicles. 

“Even when we are dealing with something which isn’t a crime, something like a crash, we’ve got cameras straight on that.  We can make a better assessment of what resources are needed.”

CCTV controllers are especially watching when Police are active on a scene. 

“When you call controllers and say ‘I am about to stop a car’, they start watching you straight away.  They know where I am, they know what I am doing and there is that benefit for officers’ safety and cameras are helping.”

Grand Turk is phase two of the CCTV project and just this week, after yet another suspected arson, Grand Turk South Member of Parliament, Edwin Astwood pressed for the system to be activated there.

“The work is happening and moving forward.  We have tested some cameras there.  The funding is there, the work is there; it’s on the way.”

Commissioner Trevor Botting was reluctant to share with media more details on the CCTV system, at this stage, but was adamant that ‘it’s worth its money.’




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