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TCI: Press Statement from the Leader of the Opposition – “Rise of Violent Crimes in the Turks and Caicos”

#Providenciales, July 31, 2019 – Turks and Caicos –The rise of violent crimes, especially gun related robberies and murders are threatening the reputation of these islands, the peace of mind of its inhabitants, the economy and freedom of movement especially at night. This disturbing trend which claimed the life of yet another young man in the early hours of this morning. I sympathise with his family on their lost and with all who have recently lost loved ones to gun violence.  However, this trend must not be accepted as normal in our islands.

While I accept that criminal activities are asymmetrical and law enforcement cannot predict when and where criminals will strike, we cannot allow criminal cowards to cause us to recoil into residential fortresses after dark. We must now come together and take our streets and neighbourhoods back. Drastic situations call for drastic actions. I am therefore making the following non-exhaustive appeal for immediate consideration by the government to arrest this disturbing turn of events that threat our way of life:

  1. Make available through supplementary appropriation additional resources to increase police presence in the communities and places where violent crimes are reoccurring;
  2. Institute a system of surprise rolling roadblocks at strategic locations to search for firearms and other contrabands;
  3. Introduce legislation to require all residents to carry on their person at all times a TCIG issued picture ID, and for visitors to provide IDs and an address on the islands when required to do so by law enforcement officers;
  4. Make routine the search for unlicensed motor vehicles and unlicensed drivers;     
  5. Penalise establishments with a history of violence or its property by cancelling operating licences and;
  6. Consider limited curfews at unsociable hours of the night in certain at-risk communities.

Release: Leader of the Opposition

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