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TCI: Government Waves Warehouse Rents!

#Providenciales, July 31, 2019 – Turks and CaicosNOTICE OF WAIVER OF CUSTOMS WAREHOUSE RENTS/STORAGE FEES

In accordance with regulation 4 of the Customs (Government Transit Shed and Queens Warehouse Rent) Regulations, notice is hereby given that the Minister of Finance, with the approval of the Governor in Cabinet, for the period commencing the 29th of July 2019, to 29th of August 2019, has waived the payment of rents in respect of goods deposited in the Queen’s Warehouse.

This means that ALL goods which were in the warehouse on or before 29th of July 2019 and have accumulated rent, will be released during the period 29th July 2019 to 29th of August 2019, without the importers having to pay same. It must be noted, that before one can benefit from the waiver a Customs Declaration must be made, and all other Customs Charges, that is the Import Customs Duties and the Customs Processing Fee, must be paid.

There is no requirement for an application to be made for this waiver. All goods remaining after the expiration of the waiver period, will be liable to be auctioned. We therefore encourage all affected parties, to do what is necessary to take possession of their goods as soon as practical and within the waiver period.

Should you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us as follows:

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