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TCI: The Public Reports violence on JAGS Goode Street

Grand Turk, May 27, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Goode Street celebrations turned into a bad case of brazen violence in Grand Turk and a National Heroes Day event is marred by reports of extreme violence. 

Ironically, Goode Street in Grand Turk can carry both an infamous and a famous label; it truly depends on which side of the street you stood.  In the epic story emanating from the late 1970’s there was a stand off with the British which led to a violent confrontation involving rocks, bottles, police, civilians, a governor, the leader of a new political party (PDM), guns and bullets being fired.

It is arguably where greater self-governance for the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands began, because from it came the country’s first Chief Minister and only National Hero.   People’s Democratic Movement founder, JAGS McCartney’s Junkanoo Club was (and is) located on Goode Street and an event celebrated near his holiday was marred by violence which seems to have had zero purpose.

The social media accounts of the situation says ‘Grand Turk residents are outraged at gun related incidents in the nation’s capital’ and one has even called the alleged suspect the ‘Overback terrorist.’

A cast of characters and their parents are cited in the reports, which though unofficial, are sending shockwaves to those receiving as it appears there is anarchy in Grand Turk and that the TCI Police seems unable to quell the territorial attacks.

It is being labelled as gang violence.

Gun-butting, drive-by shooting, brutal beatings, illicit drug dealing and money from proceeds-of-crime-stealing, payback arson, wild shoot-outs, targeted shootings, deadly retaliation, men running for their lives, parents furious over the spree of attacks and men killed in unresolved mysteries or ongoing investigations make up the list of offences cited by the pair of writers from the general public.

At this hour, there is no statement from the TCI Police.



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