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TCI: Over 30 booths catering to the career curiosities of hundreds from Long Bay High School

#Providenciales, May 15, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Long Bay High School students were learning to C.O.P.E and it is nothing like what we usually associate with the word; the acronym actually stands for Career Opportunity Path Enterprises and last Friday, the inaugural event was held at the Gus Lightbourne Gym in Providenciales.

Diane Paul, Guidance Counsellor at the school said it was mainly for the third form students; designed to expose them to the career and educational opportunities in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

“It is also to prepare them globally, because we are preparing our students to transfer to the Clement Howell High School and a part of their transitional exercise is exposing them to the various career types in order for them to make the accurate choices when choosing their subjects.”

There was high commendation for the event, which featured from the University of the West Indies, Department of Education, and the TCI Community College.  Other exciting spots were at the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police, the Social Development Department, KB Home Center, the Gospel Ministry represented by Harvest Bible Church, the Department of Statistics, Music & Entertainers, Beauty and Hair Stylist, Auto Mechanics, Jewelry design, the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development and looming largest on the floor of the Career Day expo were Interhealth Canada, FortisTCI and Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos.

“We want to thank the facilitators for coming out.  We had a total of  32 facilitators here today and this is exciting and we focused a lot on the non-traditional careers because a lot of our students are interested in the cosmetology field, engineering so we wanted to be able to give our children a wide range of options and show them that there is more than just the traditional areas.”

Guidance Counsellor Paul said there were many sponsors for the Long Bay High School Career Day, she called it a tremendous day for the school.

“My heart swells with joy because I am so proud of my team – Ms Stephanie Ivy, Ms Cordell Cobbs – and we just wanna thank everyone, everyone for showing all of this support.”

Ms. Paul was blown away by the level of displays arranged for the teenagers and the prizes which were given away.  There was also high praise for the “moving” remarks brought at the opening of the event by Hon Temard Butterfield, the Governor’s Appointed Member to the House of Assembly.

“We are investing in the youths of the Turks and Caicos Islands and all of this is just a sign that it is not just the teachers, it is not just the home, it is the society that makes a child.”

It was promised that next year will be greater; “See you next year!”



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