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Invest Turks and Caicos says investment interest coming from 64 countries around the world

#Providenciales, May 20, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – The CEO of Invest Turks and Caicos Agency revealed that the TCI is being courted by investors representing 64 different countries of the world and he reminded that the economic pillars of the country are real estate, financial services and tourism.

“Increasingly, because this is a major tourist destination, we have investors that are coming from all over the world.  They’re coming from China, they are coming from India, they are coming from the UK, they’re coming from Switzerland, Germany, Sweden; 64 different countries is the number of investors we are dealing with in our Agency in the last 12-months.  That’s the world and the world is coming to TCI.  Thank you, world!”

James Bursey was speaking to a packed room at the Shore Club as the key note speaker of the conference of the TCI Tourist Board’s Turks and Caicos Conference, also known as TACC.  The theme for 2019 was Redefining Luxury.

“We also have to think, ‘what is luxury’; Luxury changes depending on your age. We have to offer a broad range of services fundamentally what happens in these islands and what we’re going to be doing is expanding our range of services to cover many parts of the economy because no tourist is similar to the next.  They are all different, they all have different desires, different wants, different time tables and different financial concerns.”

Bursey, who hails from Canada originally, recently took on the role of CEO of the Agency and explained that his team works with Government Agencies and the Private Sector for a perfect balancing act for the perfect climate for what he calls, ‘a perfect tiny country.’

“We are the tiny perfect country, we are small but we are perfect because we have the perfect climate, we have a perfect way of life and we have perfectly friendly people.  Think of us as the tiny perfect country, this is where you want to bring your clients or better yet, you should stay here and have them come join you.”

The CEO was keen on the travel and tourism industry representatives attending TACC2019 to understand that there is respect for the environment, consideration for the resident population and the potential of other islands in the archipelago, watchfulness of technological trends and a commitment to diversity in high caliber service delivery.

Mr. Bursey talked about technology infrastructure and technology investments at the conference.

“The other thing that’s changed and that redefines luxury is the issue of technology, what role will technology play?  So, we have to make reasonable guesses, we put in infrastructure, we encourage the private sector to add to the areas in which government must invest and we try to work out a strategy for infrastructure, for tourism, for transportation…”

The CEO added, “We are going to be doing more localized software development. In these islands, quite frankly, all of the islands of the Caribbean and countries of the world because software is now becoming the dominant method by which we manage our day to day activities.  And we are all waiting, with bated breath, to see what happens with artificial intelligence.”

It was the 15th year for the Turks and Caicos Conference held May 8-11, 2019; also speaking at the session were Adelphine Pitter, Turks & Caicos Tourist Board, Chairperson; James, Smith, TCI Police Commissioner; Todd Foss, TCHTA President; Ramon Andrews, TCI Tourist Board Director; Hon Ralph Higgs, Minister of Tourism Environment and Gaming and Hon Sharlene Robinson, Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands.   




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