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Chicagoans are coming to Turks and Caicos, direct and loving it

#Chicago, IL, May 23, 2019 – USA – The people of Chicago are looking for a new Caribbean escape and right now, the Turks and Caicos is marvelously satisfying the hunt as interest in the destination is climbing steadily among Chicagoans, according to Debbie Massion, business development manager for the Turks and Caicos Collection; she is based in the Windy City.

Debbie Massion – Business Development Manager – Turks and Caicos Collection

“You have the most beautiful beaches, your powdery sand everybody just loves and they love the peace and quiet and tranquility of Turks and Caicos, so yes there is a tremendous amount of business and we have non stop flights on United Airlines and American Airlines and so, everybody is really excited about all of that.”

The nine-month winter, though not wholly welcomed by Chicagoans does benefit warm-weather destinations and the Turks and Caicos Islands is getting its share of travelers.

“The travel market is very active, our economy here in the US has been very good over the last year and a half to two years; things have picked up, business has picked up and people are working and they have the money to travel down there – it is a little bit more expensive to go to Turks and Caicos, as compared  to some of the other islands,  but still the quality that they get in Turk sand Caicos, the food is excellent, the beaches are beautiful and also it is only a three-hour 45 minute flight so the convenience of it has been outstanding.  That is why we are seeing a lot of requests and activities for Turks and Caicos and we are just delighted.”

Following a succinct and successful pitch about the Turks and Caicos as a luxurious and easy-to-get-to destination at Travel 100 Group in Chicago, Debbie shared heart-warming feedback from guests to their trio of resorts – Blue Haven, the Alexandra and the Beach House – which are also known as The Turks and Caicos Collection.

“Many people have not been to this destination and so they are looking for someplace new to go to because places like Jamaica and Mexico are areas that they have been to many, many times.  So, yes they are looking for something new like Turks and Caicos so we have had a lot of excitement in this area for the product.”

There was also an education about what residents of ‘Chi-Town’ have come to love in travel. Chicago natives like the all-inclusives explained Ms. Massion, who said that specifically for the Turks and Caicos Collection – which in 2017 became an all-inclusive trio of resorts in Providenciales – the feedback has been great.

“We have definitely been receiving very positive requests and comments about visitors who are returning about how friendly the people are there, how much they liked our resorts, how there is plenty for them to do and relax.”




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