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TCI: PDM hits back, says PNP ex-chairman should focus on his own party

#Providenciales, April 11, 2019 – Turks and Caicos The PDM party chairman today aimed to set the record straight about the recent Cabinet Shuffle of his party leader and labels comments by the PNP’s appointed man in the House of Assembly as ‘laughable.’

“Royal’s attempt to sow discord amongst Team PDM has failed and is laughable.  He should be more concerned about his own party’s inability to select a Deputy Leader in the House of Assembly for some seven years now.”

Last week, Premier Sharlene Robinson ended weeks of suspense and announced her Cabinet changes.  The changes were unexpected as no new ministers were added; no current ministers taken away.  The shuffle of Hon Sharlene Robinson was focused on ministerial portfolios and Hon Sean Astwood, Hon Delroy Williams and Hon Goldray Ewing were each given new portfolios as of May 8, 2019. 

Some ministries have been broadened and re-named to reflect new focuses in this second half of the PDM’s four-year term. 

Royal Robinson in a social media video today questioned the capability of the new Immigration, Citizenship, Labour & Employment Minister (Delroy Williams) and the Infrastructure and Housing Minister (Sean Astwood).  Robinson also remarked on the non-promotion of Doug Parnell and Maxovanno Thomas and he claims Karen Malcolm’s ‘people read the Premier the riot act’ in a warning to keep Malcolm in the PDM Cabinet.

Parnell fired back with, “As for my abilities or being as he calls it ‘up to prime time’, let me remind him that I am 1-0 versus him as Chairman in General Elections and this is more likely the reason why PNPs wanted him gone at their last Convention.”

Parnell concluded his statement to Magnetic Media with, “I am glad to see that he has such confidence in me.  It is well placed.”

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