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TCI: Media Workshop hosted by Health Promotion Unit

#Providenciales, April 12, 2019 – Turks and Caicos A half-day workshop, tailor made to forge stronger bonds with the media of the Turks and Caicos Islands was held on Tuesday; hosted by the Health Promotion and Advocacy Unit of the Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Sports and Human Services.

Director of the Unit, Aldora Robinson said the session was all about building partnerships and ensuring that health communication is best understood for the advancement of public health. 

“The media I believe is a critical partner in health promotion and health crisis. Hosting a media workshop presents the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships/partnerships and gain insight into how we can better work together for the public good, understanding what both our needs are to communicate health concerns and progress effectively.”

Presenter for the day was Damian Wilson, who was in February promoted to Policy/Media and Civil Society Liaison Manager.

Wilson, a Communications, Media & Journalism graduate of the University of Buckingham prepared a practical presentation which underscored the need for a symbiotic relationship on matters of public health, in particular. 

“The workshop was specifically geared towards the TCI media fraternity. Its scope encompassed giving the media insight into the Ministry of Health’s communication apparatus and the importance of its work and how we all, in particular the media, are needed to ensure the best health care outcomes for the TCI. This was done by presenting topics such as ‘The role of the Health Promotion and Advocacy Unit’, ‘Partners in Public Health’, ‘Health Communications’, and ‘The role of the Media in Public Health’, followed by a roundtable discussion.”

And the discussion was candid; media members expressed concern about access to quality, timely information in the effort to keep the public abreast of vital happenings.

Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Robinson noted the comments.

“The overall goal was to get feedback from the media on how the media and the Ministry can work together to improve not only the skills and knowledge of the public but also health service delivery, and to build on relations between the media and the Ministry of Health. The feedback provided by participants was invaluable and will go a long way in building that partnership between the media and the Ministry, without it the workshop could not have been such a success.”

The workshop was held at the conference center of the Atrium resort near Leeward in Providenciales.




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