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TCI: Incident at Her Majesty’s Prison March 22, 2019

#Providenciales, March 26, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – An incident occurred at Her Majesty’s Prison on the evening of Friday, March 22, where a senior prison officer, a prison officer and an inmate were injured while the officers were discharging their duties.  The specific assignment at the time was to locate and retrieve an illegal cell phone that was used twice within the preceding days to post message on social media. During the search Prison Officers were attacked by the prisoner who was in possession of two weapons, including a home-made stabbing implement.  The inmate also threw diluted cleaning fluid at the staff members, in his efforts to further harm them.

His exceptional and unexpected levels of violence lead to two members of staff being injured. Restraint was necessary to ensure the safety of the officers and the inmates, as well as a return to normalcy in the area where the incident occurred. Both of the prison staff were treated at hospital for their injuries, which had the potential to be life changing if the prisoner had not been restrained.

The incident was reported to the police for an investigation.

Prison Superintendent, Grahame Hawkings said; “Prison officers should be allowed to conduct their work without fear of violence.  Additionally, there is a responsibility to look for illegal items, and we will always look to remove them at all times.”

Minister with responsibility for Prison Services, Hon. Vaden Williams, commenting on the incident said; “Once again I am grateful to our prison staff for managing a violent incident.  They act with bravery on our behalf and we wish them a speedy recovery. It is my hope that the laws and operational procedures governing Her Majesty’s Prison be respected, and that there will not be any future occurrence of incidents of this nature.”

The prison continues to run a normal regime, and has not been affected by this isolated incident of violent and potentially criminal behaviour.

Release: TCIG

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