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TCI attorneys named in Argentinian money ‘washing’ investigation

#Providenciales, March 22, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Days of social media stories, conjecture and concern as Turks and Caicos attorneys Peter Karam and Anthony D’Aneillo are named in an investigation originating out of Argentina.

It is a money laundering case and it is reported that D’Aneillo, was several weeks ago, arrested by Interpol in the United Arab Emirates.

The situation has been covered extensively by South American media outlets and today, Peter Karam, who is in Providenciales has replied with a media statement admitting that he is assisting in the probe.

The statement informed that, “Mr. Karam is cooperating fully with authorities to provide the necessary investigative assistance and this underscores his commitment to ensure that the truth and accuracy of the allegations is cast into the light.”

Karam, who is a partner in Karam and Missick law firm in the TCI and The Bahamas used the opportunity to declare that he is innocent.

“Mr. Karam strongly denies any wrong doing whatsoever in relation to the allegations brought forward in the investigation.”

It is a matter where the widow of a close staffer of the ex-leader in Argentina – Carolina Pochetti – was allegedly connected to funds earmarked for a resort investment which was to happen in North West Point, Providenciales. 

The tens of millions of dollars are said to be derived from alleged bribery and were to be used, reportedly, to buy large tracts of land for development.

“High standards and a commitment to compliance and integrity is always maintained; this is my confidence as I cooperate with the investigation,” said Peter Karam, Attorney-at-Law and Partner.

Mr. Karam assured that “Business continues as usual at Karam & Missick” despite the ongoing investigation.”

It was also said in the statement that, “Peter Karam enjoys the support of his partners, locally and internationally.”

That support for Peter Karam will come in handy as this is a diabolical criminal matter pointing to a system of alleged corruption from which massive amounts of money were earned and then allegedly attempted to be ‘washed’ clean through legitimate investments.

According to news agencies based in The Americas, the Federal judge in the case, Claudio Bonadio, since February, reportedly requested permission from the UK for the intervention of their Ministry of Foreign Affairs to access information in the alleged ‘money washing’ scheme.

Access in the Turks and Caicos and Northern Ireland is specifically outlined.

Carolina Conchetti, the widow of Daniel Muñoz (former private secretary to Argentina president, Nester Kirchner) was arrested and interrogated in October 2018; she has since been released.

The full media statement from Peter Karam is published at



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