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TCI: British Colonization Revived

#Providenciales, February 22, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Unfortunately, as preposterous as it may seem, we as Turks and Caicos Islanders are most likely to find ourselves bewildered and wedged between a British and a Haitian Invasion. After many years of dormancy, British Colonization is seemingly about to raise its ugly head again in the 21st century as British parliamentarians seem hell bent on physically overpopulating its colonies and in the process, seizing the political reins by qualifying themselves to vote.

A UK Parliamentary Committee Report calls for more strangleholds and nationally invasive measures to be imposed on it Overseas Territories. Included in this report is one particular demand that is designed to politically emasculate us as a country by diminishing the power of our voters’ franchise with a looming threat of any number of the 66 million Brits from all walks of life once they come to live in the TCI.  If that is to become a reality, there will be no more Turks and Caicos for the now Turks and Caicos Islanders.

 While it is true that we have been given the right to reside, get employment without work permits, get British Passports and essentially enjoy British Status, that privilege offered to its territories’ citizens does not in any way whatsoever threaten the British cultural or political sovereignty in their country. The rule of reciprocity in this case is tantamount to sovereign rape. History is about to be repeated as British colonization is apparently being given a new shot in the arm. 

I quote one of its recommendations, “In its response to this report the FCO should lay out a timetable for this consultation process and set a deadline for phasing out discriminatory elements of belongership, or its territory-specific equivalents” end quote. This initiative would not only allow Brits to live here without immigration restrictions and work without work permits, but would qualify them not only to vote, but to be elected to public office as our premier and other parliamentarians. This atrocity is a sure recipe for an escalation of immigration of Brits to the Turks and Caicos and an emigration of young, qualified Turks and Caicos Islanders to the UK who are now being sidelined and denied suitable jobs in the Turks and Caicos. 

While this is a blatant and brazen attempt to physically colonize its territories, impose immoral laws on us such as same sex marriage thereby diluting our constitutional and parliamentary prowess, there is a notable void of any mention by this committee of any representation in the British parliament by Installing Overseas Territories’ Representatives in the British Parliament to ensure that the voice and the interest of the peoples of the Overseas Territories are heard and possibly given some level of adherence.

I should point out here that my vision in both these invasions were ignored and today we are paying the price by not giving credence to visionaries, hence we are perishing daily. In fact, If you were to ask me to produce my UK Passport, I would disappoint you because after all the years, I don’t have one. Unlike some of the elected officials who were first in line to arm themselves with UK Passports to facilitate their ulterior agendas. 

More and more and day by day, it is becoming obvious that we need to unite as a people, break the chains of political polarization that is the nemesis of the two party trap that we have been caught in and tap into committed, innovative and visionary minds that can navigate through these turbulent seas of colonialism and globalization on a whole. My people, we must awake and take our country back!

Release: Oswald Skippings

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