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BAHAMAS: Urgent Care Project Launches Triage Toolkit Training

#Nassau, January 24, 2019 – Bahamas – Front-line clinical staff at the Princess Margaret Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department [PMH A&E], Elizabeth Estates Clinic [EEC], and South Beach Health Centre [SBHC] hosted a ‘triage tool belt training program’ as a part of the Urgent and Emergency Care Project launched by the Ministry of Health early last year.  The training encompassed providing the tools needed to safely and efficiently classify patients presenting for care.  The program trained participants on how to recognize warning signs/symptoms for classification by offering guidelines that specifically categorize patients according to their urgency in need to be seen for interventions and /or for further evaluations.

A general session was held with over 80 physicians and nurses, followed by a ‘train-the-trainer’ session to provide the public healthcare system with 8 trainers who are assigned to deliver refresher sessions and educate additional staff.

Objectives of the training include understanding and reviewing triage protocols, assessment tools and best practices; risk management and legal responsibilities; customer service; and issues related to domestic and workplace violence.

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A year-long training program for clinical staff is being developed by certified trainers assigned to the Triage enhancement program.

The Urgent & Emergency Care Project is designed to reform access to urgent care and emergency care services in New Providence.  The project will upgrade and expand the PMH Accident and Emergency Department while also upgrading the South Beach and Elizabeth Estates Clinics to serve as urgent care centres for emergency triage levels three, four and five.

The training sessions took place December 17th – 19th, last year.


Press Release: Public Hospitals Authority

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