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JAMAICA: Chase Fund Invests Billions in Healthcare

#Mandeville, December 15, 2018 – Jamaica – The Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund has invested some $4.2 billion in healthcare in Jamaica, including the building of 19 health centres and providing support for others throughout the country.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the CHASE Fund, W. Billy Heaven, says the latest health centre has been built in Robins Hall, Manchester, at a cost of $30 million.  Mr. Heaven was speaking at the opening of the centre on Wednesday, December 12.

“Medical and dental equipment have also been donated to all four Regions, and in the Western Region, CHASE has provided standby generators to 25 health centres. That means that 113 health centres cross Jamaica have benefited from our intervention,” Mr.  Heaven said.

“We took the conscious decision to focus on health centres because one of the priorities of the Ministry is primary healthcare, so we work in partnership with the Ministry to achieve its objectives,” he added.

The CEO pointed out that health centres ease the burden on the hospitals, providing easy access to healthcare and expanding the coverage of services in underserved areas that are not close to hospitals.  He underscored the Ministry of Health’s philosophy, which states that a healthy population translates into higher productivity levels and a significant reduction in the poverty index.

Mr. Heaven said the CHASE Fund intends to create a better balance between urban and rural healthcare facilities, adding that the Robins Hall health centre would provide the necessary services that the community needs in a space that is functional, comfortable and accessible.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for North East Manchester, Audley Shaw,  in whose constituency the centre is located, urged the citizens to take care of the centre.  He pointed out that whereas the temporary centre at Devon was open for only four days a month, this one will be open to citizens five days a week.

“This is your facility, I want you to take care of it. If you think it needs a coat of paint, arrange it. Let us not take it for granted. Let this building and the services being provided by our hard-working healthcare professionals be appreciated,” Mr. Shaw said.


Release: JIS

Contact: Barbara Ellington

Photo Captions: 

Header: Health Minister,  Dr. the Hon. Christopher  Tufton (centre), discusses the harmful effects of sugary drinks with Member of Parliament for North East Manchester,  Hon. Audley Shaw (left), in whose constituency the new Robins Hall Health Centre is located; and CEO of the CHASE Fund, W. Billy Heaven (right). Occasion was the opening of the new centre on December 12. 

Insert: Minister of Health, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton (left); and CEO of the CHASE Fund, W. Billy Heaven (right), interact with some of the children in attendance at the opening of the Robins Hall Health Centre in Manchester, on Wednesday December 12.

Photos: Donald De La Haye




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