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TCI celebrates, new Opa Locka city commissioner hails from the islands



#OpaLocka, Florida – November 7, 2018 – A daughter of the Turks and Caicos is among the newest politicians elected to serve after an historic Super Tuesday in nearby United States.  Sherelean Bass, born Sherelean Musgrove grew up in South Caicos, her father is from North Caicos and her mother hails from Middle Caicos.

‘Sherelee’, as she is affectionately called by relatives is a part of the team already dubbed the ‘clean-up crew’ which overthrew the old guard in Opa Locka, Florida to form a fresh executive expected to eradicate corruption and serve the people of the city with good integrity.  

In a Miami Herald news article on October 11, 2018, the gospel minister is quoted making bold statements and caring promises to the 16,500 residents of Opa Locka.  These residents will now call our Sherelee, City Commissioner Sherelean Bass.

It is a ‘wow’ moment and Turks and Caicos Islanders have been busy on social media since last night, congratulating Bass.

Bass was born in The Bahamas and relatives, we are told rallied around her ‘voice of Opa Locka’ campaign in a way, which has her first cousin, North Caicos District Commissioner, Cynclair Musgrove brimming with joy.

“The whole family was with her every step of the way.  Knocking on doors, putting up banners and signs and it was truly a family effort and it was impressive.  Right until the end, when results came in, they were there.”

Brother Isaiah Musgrove selfie with banner

Brothers and Sisters and other relatives, we are told, flew in from The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos to support Sherelean in her bid for city commissioner.

Sherelean Bass now takes up a position once held by the new Mayor of Opa-Locka.  Matthew Pigatt, at just 32-years old left the city commissioner job to run for mayor and won, convincingly.

Myra Taylor, Pigatt’s predecessor was unable to re-offer in the 2018 race for mayor due to term limits – she has served two, four year terms in Opa Locka.

Taylor’s son, John Henry Taylor Jr. was also in the running on Election Day for the city commissioner job.  John Henry Taylor Jr,  was an ethically marred but strong candidate in the race.  At the end of the night, when the votes were tallied, it would be our Sherelean Bass who was declared winner by just under 300 votes.

Sherelean Bass in that interview with the Miami Herald had said, change in Opa Locka was desperately needed and that it would take a miracle. 

Some would say that is precisely what was delivered for the 50-year old minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; a miracle of a victory as a set up for miracle of restoration so badly needed for the South Florida city of Opa Locka.

From family in the Turks and Caicos, prayers and best wishes are expected to give ‘Sherelee’ a successful season in office.  Congratulations!

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TCI Agriculture launches Plant Clinic



By Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer


#TurksandCaicos, June 25, 2022 – These days anything can be online, even a plant clinic! The Turks and Caicos Islands Department of Agriculture wants to help budding and experienced farmers with any plant issues they may have and their new Online Plant Clinic is their solution to help as many Islanders as possible.

Launched on Thursday, June 16 the clinic will operate through Facebook. Individuals with sick plants or pest issues will be required to take a photo of the issue and upload that photo to the department of Agriculture’s Facebook page.

Answers to issues will be given once a month, on every third Thursday, via a public video so all Islanders can have access. The launch was attended by Chief Plant Protection Officer-CPPO Roneta Huntley Thomas, Director of Agriculture Wilhelmina Kissoonsingh, Minister of Agriculture Josephine Connolly, and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Mrs. Cheryl Ann Jones.

Connolly urged residents to “grow your own food and grow TCI.”

Attendees of the launch were allowed to participate in games trying to identify different diseases for a chance at prizes. Residents can now immediately start sending in their photos on the Facebook page.

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Caribbean News

138 illegals add to the over 900 migrants captured by TCI Joint Forces




#TurksandCaicos, June 25, 2022 – RTCIPF Marine Operations Centre and partners continue to work together to protect our borders and keep TCI secure.

During the evening of Wednesday 22nd June 2022 the RTCIPF Marine Operations Centre identified a target of interest and immediately started to track the vessel around 5 miles North West of Providenciales travelling at around 7 knots.

The operator immediately updated colleagues within the Royal Turks and Caicos Marine Branch who made their way to the location and intercepted a vessel containing irregular migrants. Following a delicate, coordinated operation with the necessary stabilization of the vessel which was unsafe, severely overcrowded and the occupants were without life vests, the RTCIPF Marine Unit was joined by a second RTCIPF Marine crew and a third vessel crewed with TCI Regiment to support the delicate operation.

The vessel was carefully offloaded at sea to ensure the safety of the occupants and then the boat was towed to South Dock where it arrived around 4:45am with a total of 138 persons, 98 males and 40 female including 1 juvenile, who were then taken into custody by the Immigration Department. One male needed immediate medical attention in relation to a leg injury sustained.

Superintendent Martyn Ball said, “Again working with partners we have safely intercepted another vessel that was desperately overcrowded, unsafe and risked the lives of those on board. It continues to demonstrate the professionalism and dedication of the RTCIPF Marine Unit, working together with colleagues in the Marine Operations Centre, TCI Regiment, TCI Immigration and Health to save lives and keep our borders here in the Turks and Caicos Islands safe.

In the last couple of months over 900 individuals on 9 dangerous and unseaworthy vessels have been intercepted here in the TCI.

I would appeal to anyone if you have any information relating to such activity that you call CrimeStoppers free and anonymously on 1-800-8477, not only will you be saving lives but also supporting our national security here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.”



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Caribbean News

Turks & Caicos Airline becomes first International flight at Ian Fleming in Jamaica



By Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer


#Jamaica, June 25, 2022 – As the Turks and Caicos and Jamaica celebrated a new connection on June 16th as Intercaribbean Airways launched their newest flight to Boscobel, St Mary, half an hour from the famous city of Ocho Rios on Jamaica’s North Coast.

The Ian Fleming Airport is named for the famous author who penned the James Bond series just miles away from the airport. Never one to miss a theme, InterCaribbean dubbed their flight the JY 007.

The 007 departed Providenciales at 9:30 am Thursday (June 16) with Lyndon Gardiner, Chairman of InterCaribbean Airways; Trevor Sadler, InterCaribbean Airways CEO; Chris and Kayon Stokes of NCS Money Services; Team Beaches TCI, some media namely SunTCI and Magnetic Media as well as a few Jamaicans anxious to get home.

The 007, Ian Fleming Airport’s first international commercial flight, was received in Jamaica with much fanfare.  It was met by a Jamaican delegation including Audley Shaw, Minister of Transport for Jamaica and Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica’s Tourism Minister and a cheerful water cannon spurt to sweeten the arrival of the first international flight at Ian Fleming.

Bartlett was enthusiastic about the prospects that Inter-Caribbean was bringing to Jamaica.

“The presence today of this inaugural flight from a Caribbean island into Boscobel is a bigger statement than what has been made because what it does is to put together the idea of connectivity in a material way. It is how we as a region are going to be able to connect with each other in a way that brings economic value and prosperity to each other and that’s the power of this movement that begins today.”

The minister noted that Tourism was a booming business if only we were aware of how to take charge of it.

“We are about ideas and how to convert ideas into things that have a material value, we are the most consumption-driven activity on planet earth. “ he added “the next critical consideration that has to be looked at …is that we need a single visa regime for touristic purposes that can be provided for visitors coming into your space… a CARICOM visa that allows you entry into all the CARICOM countries.”

Gardiner expressed his excitement for the venture telling the media,“Only the sun covers the Caribbean better than we do.” He also told the gathered press. “We will now have the ability to bring people from across the Caribbean, whether it be for business, pleasure, or furthering multi-destination vacations, by offering Boscobel residents and visitors direct service across the Caribbean and vice versa.”

InterCaribbean Airways will run their flight monthly initially and then upgrade to weekly flights. It would be the third flight between Turks and Caicos and Jamaica; already Kingston and Montego Bay are serviced by the airline based in Providenciales, TCI.

American Airlines and QCAS Aero are also scheduled to begin flights to the Ian Fleming International this year.

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