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‘Crime is an enemy to tourism’ says TCI Minister Ralph Higgs

#Grand Turk, November 5, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – It is safe to say that the hotel and tourism sector of the Turks and Caicos Islands cringes with any and each report of crime against residents, and more heightened is that reaction when crime happens to visitors to the country.

Residents of island states like the Turks and Caicos know the potential damage to fragile tourism with unchecked crime, after all tourism is the economic and development driver for most Caribbean countries.

Tourism Minister and Member for North and Middle Caicos, Hon Ralph Higgs did not shy away from an opportunity to give a brief but firm reminder to the Speaker during the recent session of Parliament.

“I want to echo the concerns Mr. Speaker, crime is an enemy to growth, crime is a healthy economy and certainly crime is an enemy to our country’s number one industry. I want to make a special appeal to everyone listening to if you know something say something, not only about our guests visiting us but to everyone.

Minister Higgs reminded that November is TEAM or Tourism Environment Awareness Month.

“We will be travelling throughout the length and breadth of our beautiful country reminding persons of A, how important our environment is not only to our sustainability and our life itself but of course how important our environment is to our tourism sector and B, we will be highlighting the importance of tourism to our country’s very survival and the growth and prosperity of our country,” shared the Minister during the October 29 meeting of the House of Assembly,

Minister Higgs invited residents to participate and celebrate with the activities which include a Youth Congress, a Tourism Fair and a Tourism Expo.  






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