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BAHAMAS: Reports of Alleged Mistreatment of Dominican Republic Prisoners – Untrue

#Nassau, November 21, 2018 – Bahamas – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has learned of reports circulating in the media in the Dominican Republic and also on social media that Dominican Republic fishermen incarcerated at The Bahamas Department of Correctional Services in Nassau are being mistreated.

The Ministry has investigated this matter and confirms that these claims are untrue. Furthermore, the Ministry has been in contact with the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to The Bahamas and the Honorary Consul of the Dominican Republic in The Bahamas regarding this matter.

The Bahamas is committed to abiding by all international laws with respect to the incarceration of all prisoners, in particular to ensure the provision of food, water, exercise, attention to medical concerns and other matters.


Press Release: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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