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Public Notice: Upcoming Roadworks to Palm Grove, South and North Backsalina and open channel drainage upgrade works

#Grand Turk, October 10, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – The general public is advised of the upcoming Road Works throughout Palm Grove, North and South Backsalina areas and upgrade works to the drainage channels along with scarifying of existing roadways.

Residents are asked to remove all derelict vehicles and any other valuable materials or items which can obstruct the road way should also be removed from the road edge to not interrupt any activities.  It is the owners responsibility to have these removed.  Residents are also asked to reduce the amount of times they travel these routes although right of way will be provided.  This is to reduce the number of interference by the contractor. Residents are also asked to be cordial to surveyors who may have to enter their property to obtain the correct boundary and implement correct markers.

The awarded contractor for this work is Island Drilling Ltd. and has confirmed working with the general public to facilitate access through the course of the project.  In the interest of safety, and in agreement with Turks and Caicos Islands Government and the relevant authorities, appropriate traffic management measures, such as flag man and appropriate signage, will be implemented to direct and assist vehicle users during this time. Residents are asked to drive with due care and consideration during the course of this project as we facilitate the necessary infrastructural upgrades of our developing society.


Release: TCIG


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