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Fake News: Milo video from 2015, not the Chinese but Malaysians

#Providenciales, October 11, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – Milo is an Australian product, which is loved by cocoa drinkers around the world.  A 2015 scare, which was aimed at Jamaicans and showed what appeared to be Chinese packaging fake Milo as they worked in a slummy makeshift factory, is once again gaining traction.

The scare is three years old and Milo addressed it in 2015 clarifying that the individuals in the video were not Chinese at all and giving its global customer base the way to differentiate real and fake Milo.

The men in the video are Malaysian and Malaysia is described as Milo’s biggest market.  The packaging, explained Nestle, Milo’s parent company is machine packed and cut and will not have perfectly perforated edges as shown in the comparison image which was posted to Facebook in March 2015 by Nestle.   Nestle also ran educational campaigns in Malaysia and Singapore to alert consumers.

The social media message, in circulation, which claims China is trying to kill innocent people in the Caribbean with fake Milo is both far-fetched and untrue.





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