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Poof! Traffic congestion gone at Blue Hills round a about; now traffic education needed

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#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – October 5, 2018 – It can be described as a magic; the peak morning rush hour which once held motorists hostage and at a standstill in bumper to bumper traffic for fatiguing lengths of time, is vanished.

‘Abracadabra’, a new traffic system, broadening of the highway and that problem is gone.  The $4.5 million dollars in road works commissioned by TCIG to Herzog Caribbean Ltd in Providenciales has been in the making since 2016 and is now completed with traffic flowing smoothly and reducing morning and afternoon commute times significantly.  

There, however, remain some hiccups which should disappear with time as well. Those hiccups come largely from a lack of driver education on how to navigate the new exit and entry into the Blue Hills and Wheeland communities.

If you are going onto Leeward Highway you do not have to stop, it is a continuous flow of motor vehicle traffic out when you take the left lane… stay in the right lane and you wait for the all clear, then proceed over the round about to go into down town areas.  Entering Millennium Hwy from the roundabout, you stay right on the round about to continue onto Leeward Highway.  The left lane is designated for those continuing their commute onto Millennium Highway and once you get onto Millennium, there is yet another lane navigation which matters.  Left to go into Kew Town… right to continue into Blue Hills and before you continue, you must STOP!  There is also a stop on Millennium Highway if you are turning into Kew Town near the Rubis gas station.   

When Magnetic Media visited on Wednesday morning during peak drive time, there was some abrupt breaking of vehicles, but no collisions – thankfully – and we suspect that it is just a matter of time before the thousands of drivers who traverse this area are deemed experts at the system.

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